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A Painful Pricing Policy – CALSTAR

30 Jun

F/2f; time: 41 minutes

Supermarket girls get spanked. Manager ‘Jezabel Armshank’ is on the phone ordering when actor ‘Michael Dawes’ comes in, furious about “those two girls downstairs,” who are making too many mistakes. Armshank chases him back to work and laughs at her own lines.

The girls are called in, cute brunettes ‘Sarah’ and ‘Felicia.’ They wear little artists’ smocks. Everyone tries to keep a straight face through the dialogue. “I’m going to have to punish you.” “What sort?” “A good old-fashioned thrashing…a beating across your bums.” “You can’t do that.” More giggling. The girls are told to report to the training room in 10 minutes.

Cut to the training room. Armshank enters with her cane. Tall Felicia will be spanked first. Still laughing, her dress is turned up, panties bunched. a slow and inaccurate handspanking.

Sarah squeals through her spanking. “This is nothing as to what is coming,” announces Armshank, and we for one are glad. Armshank doesn’t like the pants Sarah is wearing. Men can look up her skirt. Armshank gets her squirming.

Felicia’s turn again, and as part of the bad acting here, she seems almost eager, and takes her knickers down before being told to. “I think you enjoy this, miss.”

Both girls bend over a conference table side-by-side. She handspanks and straps both bottoms, “your nice little asses.” She is sounding more and more turned on and the girls still giggle. “You’re getting nice and hot.”

The big paddle next. “You wiggle when I tell you to wiggle.” The girls must stand at the blackboard, studying the company P&L, skirts up, while Armshank smacks them with a paddle.

Sarah will be caned first and she must kiss it. “That’s going across your ass!” 5 strokes, then “touch your toes” for 15 more. We can see the bruises from a previous spanking. “Get your clothes off…get naked!” Felicia laughs from the blackboard, where she too is now naked. Sarah strips while Felicia is paddled and she must lick Felicia’s bottom.

Paddling and strapping. Felicia has avoided the cane in this film. Back to the store for them. You don’t sit down anyway when you work in a supermarket.

Cross Country – REDSTRIPE

30 Jun

M/2f; year: 1999; time: 39 minutes

Two blond Sixth Formers jog in the countryside in their gymslips; they stop for a cigarette and loll in rather unladylike attitudes in what they think is privacy. ‘Mr. Johnson’ catches them–they are supposed to be running cross-country. They are sent back to the school, to report to his study.

The scene is the familiar REDSTRIPE classroom, blond ‘Julia’ (actress ‘Sam Johnson’) and pony-tail ‘Maria’ are ready for Johnson. They will do some PT–run in place, arms out; touch-toes. He smacks their bottoms when he can reach them, and the camera concentrates on the hindquarters. He takes Julia OTK first, panties down; Maria the same. Both girls go over the desk for paddle and strap.

Cane time. Julia is first. Twelve on the bare for Julia over the desk. Tears? To Maria: “I hold you responsible,” and reminds her he used to spank her mother over this very desk. Maria’s turn: “Eighteen strokes; push that bum out.” We saw almost 25 strokes, very hard for REDSTRIPE. He observes Maria’s torment. “Like your mother, a great actress.” The extra strokes are for rubbing. After being allowed to rub, three more. Very hard. We wondered how the actress could accomplish this.

Christmas Thrashings – MOONGLOW

30 Jun

2M/2f; time: 47 minutes

A Christmas greeting from MOONGLOW; actresses ‘Dominique Wright’ and ‘Susan Hope’ play school chums who decide, for no comprehensible reason, to dig out their school uniforms and go to the local ‘Testbury’s’ department store and tease the Santa Claus, a/k/a ‘Father Christmas.’

Santa is played by MOONGLOW’s the late ‘John Kirwood,’ wearing one of his costumes which completely disguises him. The girls sit on his knees and tease. When he asks what they want for Christmas: “You’re too old to give me what I want.” The girls look in his toy sack, Santa manages to bag them into it, and, as part of the fantasy, we are transported with some crude screen graphics, including ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ in the soundtrack, to what amounts to the North Pole.

‘Father Atimus’ seems to be in charge and opens the bag. The girls: “We’ve been bloody kidnapped.” This must be part of his job, because this sub-Santa is going to spank both girls. He takes each girl OTK for mild but humorous spankings on their white knickers. Here, as we often see in CP films, one of the girls has not removed the labels from the new panties.

Father Christmas arrives at this punishment clinic and calls for the two girls to be sent to him. Now HE will spank them, and notes there has already been some work done. “What happened to you?” He spanks both girls, then both are caned in long sequences.

The actress Susan Hope is caned first, and she bends all the way over the back of an easy chair, so that her bare bottom is waist-high, perfect for the technician Kirwood to do his work. About 25 moderate strokes are shown, some in slow-motion with interrupted sound. Father C announces “Six more,” and they are in fact much harder.

Dominique Wright is next. “Get over. Take your medicine.” Dominique: “I prefer to take my medicine in capsule form.” Lines like this pop up occasionally, especially at MOONGLOW. We imagine the floors of Moonglow were littered with out-takes where the cast dissolved in laughter. She gets about 20, slo-mo, and the six zingers.

The girls are transported back home thought the same graphic warp. “We shouldn’t have these fantasies any more.” But Father Christmas shows up at their door. Maybe he isn’t too old.

Clean Sweep – CAVERN

30 Jun

M/f; time: 36 minutes

Spankings at the hairdresser. ‘Mr. Jones,’ a beauty salon operator jumps one of his girls, a lazy hairdresser who won’t tidy up or get her work done. She spanks her mildly in various positions but cannot make an impression.

The phone rings at a CP Administration Agency; ‘Joe Stewart’ answers. We’ve seen him in this role before. He is for hire. He will come by your house or place of employment and punish the person you have chosen; it is a bare-bottom spanking. He answers the calls himself–no answering machine. Jones has called him and arranged for him to come by at 5 PM.

The girl is sweeping up when Joe comes by at 5 PM. “I’m from the agency,” he says. The girl is curious about what is in the tubes Joe carries, but you detect she knows what the ‘agency’ is.

He starts her OTK immediately, to no resistance. “You’ve got the wiggles,” he notes. She stands, drops her trousers, and he continues the OTK spanking, bunching her panties.

Joe has brought a schoolgirl uniform and gives it to her to put on. She takes a long time, returning in a gray pinafore, blouse, tie, and we will see, regulation knickers. OTK again. Diaper position on the couch, soft paddle/strap. Giggles. She kneels on the couch for a studded strap, knickers down.

Pinafore/jumper off, more paddle. A wooden spoon shows the telltale round bruises. He pulls her panties down for the cane. Three on the panties, then about 6 more on the bare. Hands-on-head for the strap–then back to the cane for 5 more on the bare.

The beauty operator kneels on the couch for more paddle, then stands on the couch so that her bottom is eye-level, for more paddle and a six-finale with the cane.

The Bottomists – CALSTAR

30 Jun

F/2f; time: 50 minutes

A scruffy girls’ reformatory; two inmates loll around in a garden, unwilling to do the weeding and raking ordered by a female uniformed guard who hovers over them. Nobody very convincing in their roles, and CalStar in this era could not properly record sound outdoors. The guard, who looks worthy of some time over the warden’s desk herself, decides spankings are the only solution.

The first girl, a curly haired blonde, is bent over a doghouse which happens to be in the yard, her one-piece uniform peeled down by the guard, then her panties follow, for a mostly silly handspanking in this improbable pose, although she makes a nice picture naked over the doghouse. The second girl, a hefty brunette in pigtails, follows, her black silk pants soon down, to display a solid large bottom which could take an afternoon to make an impression on.

The guard checks with her boss, who is angry. Looks like this was filmed in somebody’s kitchen and backyard. “Get out there and give them a good caning.” In the meantime, the girls sneak a cigarette and are caught. They strip down again, jumpsuits at their ankles and go over the doghouse side-by-side. The guard produces a strap. The strapping is moderate, there are repeats, but some bruising develops, and the bottoms begin to twitch. The girls must kick off their clothes. The brunette is powerful buxom package.

An enticing scene, the best in the video–the girls are put to work totally naked in a glassed-in greenhouse, where of course they dally. The female guard returns and decides the cane is next. The two girls are brought out, all pink in the sunlight. The brunette is caned first, a fast moderate 5 strokes, and repeated from front to rear. The curly blonde gets the same. All and all, a weaker CalStar, but the naked bodies bouncing around in the fresh air was fun and no aircraft flew by.

Kelli-Raye’s Hairbrush Spanking – NUWEST DFFS-003

26 Jun

2F/f; time: 10 minutes

A brief hairbrush spanking with one of NuWest’s favorite models. Blonde Kelli-Raye over ‘Julia Jameson’s’ lap. Modern lighting and camerawork from NuWest. First thing, Julia pries Kelli-Raye’s cheeks apart to see if she is clean. “Some girls are not clean here.”

Julia spanks hard with the hairbrush, scolding as she goes. Kelli-Raye collapses on the floor at the conclusion of this segment. Even a short session with the hairbrush is memorable.

In the second segment, Vanna charges into ‘Kelli-Rae’s ‘bedroom’ and gives her a session on her cutoff short, then shorts down for more on tiny white panties.

Discipline in Russia #4 -Corporal Punishment of Street Girls – NETTLES

26 Jun

M/f; time: 40 minutes

A compilation of other film excerpts, it would seem, except you never know with the Russians.

‘Hands of Inquisition’: handcuffed blonde interrogated at a throne by a hooded character. The male pulls off her clothes, gropes and inspects her. In scene jumps, she is placed on a rack-like table, teased with an awl, then caned, hands and feet shackled.

‘Interrogation in KGB’: A blonde sits in front of a uniformed officer. After an interminable interview, he slaps her, and she undresses. Scene cut–she is tied with complicated ropes into the diaper position–the rope actually inhibiting access to her buttocks but surely pleasing the bondage fans.

‘Continuation from V-3’ (must be from Russian Discipline #3) a naked girl is whipped on the same ‘throne’ used in ‘Inquisition.’ She is tied in one bizarre position worth describing–in the kneeling position facing the back of the chair, her ankles, thighs, and waist are strapped to the chair, and her arms are tied to boards spread at 90 degrees. She is whipped, spanked, and given the bastinado in this predicament.