Punishment Loft – CAVERN

1 Jun

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Naughty doings at the office; at this office, there is a loft, an attic (the film was called ‘The Attic’ in previous releases), where the male boss takes his female employees for punishment. They all know about it and fear the dreaded words, “Go to the attic.” This film was also released at CalStar as ‘Stacy.’

“Stacy,’ (Stephanie) a short-haired deadly cute brunette, is caught by her boss skylarking and reading a magazine. He has detected that she has been playing with the accounting and stealing money. “You’ve got two options,” which are the obvious for CP films–(1)the police, or (2) the “standard punishment.” In addition to her stealing and her attitude, the boss does not like the way she dresses. He actually makes her stand to check her knickers (and she actually does it), and she isn’t wearing any! “I’m going to give you a taste of what you’re going to get upstairs,” and he smacks her bare bottom.

“Get up to the attic.” “..I don’t want to go to the attic..” She knows what is up there, and that it is part of a two-step process. We see her pull down a ladder and climb through a ceiling hatch, a perfect upskirt opportunity.

The scene shifts to an actual cramped attic space under eaves, where the camera angles are limited, although the erotic potential is enormous. She shivers in the environment. “Cobwebs, spiders!” She sees a collection of implements. “You’re not going to use those on me, are you?” “Yes, I am.” OTK, such as the space permits, white knickers down. Muffled sound in the tight space. She admits she is a thief. Her bottom is held full-screen.

The boss uses a very large tawse, but the rafters restrict his swing. Gasping, pleading. Here in the dust, he rubs cream on her bottom and directs her to go to the “bedroom” and wait for him. “Get on your back and wait for me.” What kind of an office is this?

Fade to a bedroom scene back downstairs. Stacy now wears only a pale blue shorty nightie and no panties. She lies on her stomach, not her back. The boss enters, puts pillows under her hips to elevate her bottom, and continues spanking her. she begs and pleads but seems quite comfortable almost naked on this bed. “I want this always to stick in your mind….it will be the whip next time.” She is grounded for the rest of the day. What that means in an office is not clear, but we loved the trip to the crawl space.

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