Joanne Model/Camera Operator – NUWEST

2 Jun

M/f; year: 1997; time: 7 minutes

Another in the series of female NU-WEST employees being spanked for company infractions. ‘Vanna’ taps at a computer, not looking much better at it than we are here. ‘Joanne Jameson’ enters the office. “Here for your spanking?” Vanna was expecting her. It is entertaining to see how small, normal, and unremarkable these adventurous spanking models can appear in street clothes, off the set, no acting going on. But later……

Vanna escorts Joanne into Wardrobe, where she puts on the schoolgirl uniform which is intended to add some humiliation to her punishment. She is led to the sound stage, told to stand on the pad, raise her skirt, drop her panties and wait for Ed Lee. Her bottom already shows some faint marks. After all, She IS one of the hardest working girls here.

Lee enters with his dogwhip, instructs her to put her elbows on her knees, which produces a rather indecorous squat. He notes her bottom marks–“second whipping of the week.” She will get three fast sets of 6, and a do-over if she moves. She squeals from the start, is allowed to rub between sets, and leaves at the conclusion without a word of dialogue.

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