The Secretary of Education – GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL

2 Jun

M/f; time: 24 minutes

Producer of ‘Spanked Cuties’ apparently distributed this GirlsBoardingSchool film. Headmaster ‘Tom’ is on the phone with the “secretary of education,” who is going to make GBS the “school of the year.” (If they only knew. hey, maybe they DO know) He wants to pay Tom a visit tomorrow.

‘Sophie,’ a cute and well filled-out brunette (and one of GBS’ favorites), is going to be used as a model student for the Secretary. He skylarks in front of a TV with a video game and is unfazed that Tom wants to coach her to be prepared.

She misses his easiest test questions, so he begins spanking her on her bed. She lies across it, bent slightly off the edge, hands onto the floor, head low, so that her bottom is beside Tom. He pulls her pants down and begins spanking with a sandal. The scene is filmed from frontal and overhead angles.

Later in the evening, when Tom has still failed to impress Sophie, she bends over the stylish wrought iron footboard of the bed. Tom pulls her shorts down and canes her bare bottom. About 10 strokes, filmed from her rear and of her face from the head of her bed.

We assume the Secretary won’t be asking her to drop her pants. (Or will he have some visiting privileges like visiting dignitaries do at Rigid East schools?)

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