Alternative Entertainment – CALSTAR

3 Jun

M/f; year: 2001; time: 28 minutes

CalStar’s ‘Michael Dawes’ plays a businessman whose girlfriend ‘Jennifer’ has forgotten to pick up his tuxedo for an important party that night. Apparently, no tux, no party. The goal is always to get Dawes angry, which is quickly accomplished here. To Jennifer: “The only place you’re going is across my knee.” Jennifer is a full-bodied blonde, in form-fitting bra and corset-like panties. She’s been lazy all day, so now they miss the party, and she is going to pay.

Dawes starts her OTK. Hw works her form-fitting panties down. “I’m going to have my pleasure tonight instead of going to the party,” his alternative entertainment, but maybe not hers. She bends over the couch, “for a good whipping with my leather tawse,” but first a little workout with a leather paddle. Closeups, then a “harder, more serious paddle.” Dawes likes the CP language. “Spread your legs a little wider.”

“I’ve got to treat for you in my collection.” About 20 nice strokes, and Jennifer is allowed to rub. “This is going to be the highlight of the year.” In other words, the heck with the party.

“Now my favorite part. What would that be, Jennifer?” From the way she has been responding, she knows. Out comes the cane. About 40 strokes are shown, entertaining enough that the repeats are not relevant. Plenty of desperate cries, heavy breathing, and worried fearful glances at the sound of the swoosh. She stops to rub halfway. One strokes is on the high thighs and not appreciated.

When she is finished, she pulls on her tight pants; the doorbell rings. There stands a messenger from the dry cleaner. She forgot the tuxedo. Dawes is gleeful. “We can still go.” He got to do his spanking and now the party too! Not so good for Jennifer. “Forget about it,” and she stomps off.

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