Blistered Young Buns – BIZARRE

3 Jun

Ensemble; year: late 1980’s; time: 59 minutes

One of George Harrison Marks’ live spankings in a nightclub setting, and featuring several familiar characters from the CP scene. About 20 people sit at a long table, watching and cheering, as a series of girls are brought forward and spanked as a “dress rehearsal” for a GHM video in the works. Mild cute stuff, all in all.

The first girl brought front-and-center is one of our all-time favorites, the long chestnut-haired hot-tempered Liverpudlian colleen called various names–Alison Payne, Liza Wigan, and more. This is one of her earliest appearances, made at about the time of ‘Schoolgirl Fannies On Fire,’ for KANE or BIZARRE. We remember this video because of the respectable canings she took and will take often in her career with KANE, MOONGLOW, and CALSTAR. Her pale Irish skin and breathtaking hips and bottom provide wonderful contrast whenever she is spanked, here in front of the merry crowd.

A brunette and a blonde, also GHM regulars, mix in, are spanked, spank each other, skirts up, panties down. The action on-stage is too hectic to chronicle. The screaming and squawking are contrived. Liza is paddled then caned, while she tries to recite the lines she will use in the video. Her pale splotched bottom full-screen steals the show. GHM actually creates some blood flecks on one thigh, not his style and surely not intended. The crowd chants “Harder!” The plucky Liza is clapped off the stage after an entertaining 15 with the cane.

A third blonde is treated on stage by another male cast member–she gets the bare hand and tawse. At this point, you are scanning the spectators for pretty faces who might be next to be called forward.

And next is a brunette in one of those shorty satin rented Halloween nurse costumes. Over a chair, black panties down–handspanking, paddling, tawse, and a touch of the cane. GHM is her male spanker. To the nurse: “Say, Aah,” and crisply spanks her bottom. “Aah.”

An older blond woman, a staff member in other videos named ‘Christina,’ is almost spanked, but we fortunately are spared more. Two more pretty brunettes we’ve been eyeing in the background spank and paddle each other. One actually gets naked and does little bows to the crowd, which shares with us admiration of her nifty package. We need a longer exposure to her.

At the conclusion, all the girls, seven or eight of them, moon across the stage; the men patrol back and forth, slapping bottoms. It is all high merriment, no full powered action, and no nudity except the stunning brunette, and no frontal glimpses except the few winks.

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