Kruschev’s Daughters – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

3 Jun

M/2f; time: 27 minutes

Another classic very early ‘ageplay’ film from RIGIDEAST, also named ‘Rural Headmaster,’ we think; girls are sent for punishment, bearing their packets of authorizing papers, to an older man. The setting is a knotty-pine bedroom or recreation room, as if the man were a consultant and taking on these girls in off-hours. The same theme was used and expanded, to symphonic effect for us, in the ‘Reform School’ and ‘Detention House’ series.

A tall thin blonde screws up her courage to knock with one knuckle on the country door, clutching her little packet, which she clearly knows sentences her to some serious unpleasantness not far ahead. An older guy, quite formal in tie and coat, in the grandfather range for her, admits her at the door. He examines her papers, and begins a fierce scolding, which we can’t translate, except to see the girl blush and begin to unbutton her skirt.

The spanking agent forces her over his work table and begins spanking her on full black panties. He helps her off with a peasant blouse. No bra. He takes her partially OTK in just panties on the small bed, so that he bottom points directly toward the camera. As he smacks with one hand, he reaches under and steadies her with a handful of breast with the other hand.

After a brief spanking, she must stand. He probes, fondles, and twirls as he begins to coax her panties down. Back into the revealing position on the bed, her legs spread. Surely she had heard about this guy.

There another knock at the door and a second girl enters with her document packet, walking right into this punishment scene. She sees another girl like her, stark naked. The guy parks her in a corner and continues with the blonde, finishing a short spanking.

Now for the second girl–a smaller auburn-haired pigtailed morsel, already in tears. The man orders her to undress. When she is down to panties, she looks nervously at the camera before pulling them down. She is going to have a tougher time. She bends over the back of a straight wooden country kitchen chair. The man spanks her with a fearsome tool seen often later at
RIGIDEAST, a short wooden paddle with a donut shaped head. The hole in the circle leaves a fearsome white mark in the center of each red circle. She is in immediate agony.

Back to the tall blonde; out of the corner, onto the floor into the ‘lunge’ position, for the strap. He reaches again for more handsful of boob. Tears. Back to the corner.

Things get a little testy. The pigtailed girl has to sit on the bed, spread her legs, and massage her pussy for him. Then he eases her back into the diaper position for snaps with a cane and a good, thorough frig. Over onto her stomach for more caning.

We can’t understand the dialogue, but she does comprehend, and kneels on the floor and opens his pants. This action is not completed. The girl stands, spreads her legs, and puts one leg up on a stool to open her pussy, which the guy flogs a few times.

the naked girls console each other. Both have realistic, red, flushed faces. They dress slowly and leave. We presume the consultant now sends a bill to the school district.

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