Sisters Repentance – CALSTAR

3 Jun

MF/2f; time: 43 minutes

Edgy stuff, nuns in trouble. Two nuns are caught in a lesbian embrace and are going to be punished for it in the old fashioned way. This one is a collectable combination of sexy erotica and sharp discipline.

A priest in full regalia, including cassock, receives Sister Catherine, an absolutely stunning brunette, perhaps the most memorable face we have ever encountered in the genre, and Sister Sarah, into the convent library. Sarah is sent to the convent garden, to pace the stones barefoot and say her ‘Hail Mary’s’ to report tomorrow for she-knows-what, while Catherine is on today’s menu. She collapses in Father’s lap, admits to “cavorting nakedly,” that she got a bit “carried away.” She agrees to accept punishment, but when Father says, “The punishment is flogging,” we have that precious tense moment when the young lady must make her decision.

Father starts her OTK in a convent “chair of repentance,” worthy of a London antique shop. When he pulls back her considerable layers of nun’s habit, Lo! Sister Catherine is wearing a thong and black stockings. Father is even more angry, and at this moment, anger is good. He lays on a fast handspanking to the bared cheeks. Sister affects a steady whimpering. Outside, we see Mother Superior listening to the squalling, fingering a whip of her own, itching to join the action.

Scene fades: the handspanking is completed. Father tells Sister Catherine to disrobe. That shocked lovely face. “But…but…Father?” She removes voluminous skirts and a little jacket, retaining only a veil and that black thong. We guess she thinks she is still sufficiently covered,  face and body shielded, but Father is having none of it and yanks down the thong. Beautiful, a trim little Mohawk! She is made to lean on a chair for a long flogging with a leather cat o’nine tails. It is loud and impressive. Father keeps pulling the flowing veil aside to expose her breasts. Lovely contrast between the black veil and the palest white skin.

“Kneel before me.” She counts out 12 vertical strokes from the flogger, while the posture provides glimpses of her soul. She confesses her intimate acts and collapses on the floor as the flogging continues. Precious sight, this nude lady curled on a Persian rug, gasping and pleading. Father quotes some scripture about the “rod of discipline.”

Another scene: Sister Catherine is still on the griddle, nude over the arm of a couch, receiving the cane. She must read scripture–one cane cut for each line. Not hard, but 15 sexy strokes.

Outside, Mother Superior has jumped Sister Sarah, whose bare feet have done their time on the stones and now it is time for her bottom. She is spanked OTK on authentic looking pantaloons, which of course don’t survive long. Mother Superior is having a fine time.

In another scene, Sarah is being strapped bare-bottom, kneeling on a chair. She suddenly climbs down, as if she reached her limit. In the final scene (she must have regained her composure or her agent talked to her) she strips completely, lies over a chair, recites the Lord’s Prayer (a first for us), and is flogged by Mother Superior, much harder than Father. Nice welts and wheals. She squirms and kicks, a sweet sight. One of the best from CalStar.

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