Wayward Wives – CAVERN

3 Jun

2M/f; time: 35 minutes

A guy with an improbable name of ‘Gilbert Houston’ jumps his wife ‘Michelle,’ the actress ‘Lynn’ or ‘Susan Hope,’ when she staggers in at 3 AM from clubbing. “Where the fuck have you been?” He wonders where she is getting the money to behave like this, and she replies that she has to go out because he won’t take her.

He is going to spank her now, on the settee. Michelle is literally a foot taller than he is. She bends over and he begins smacking. “You’re not supposed to be enjoying this.” It is probably because this is the attention she wanted. A lot of profanity as things progress. He gets her knickers down, legs spread.

He stops and makes a phone call, at 3 AM, to the “CP Administrative Agency.” No answering machine here, emergencies anytime, actor ‘Joe Stewart’ sits up in bed to take the call. He’ll come right over, but the fee will be double because of the hour. Gilbert must be desperate.

‘Mr. Stewart’ arrives in tie and coat, with a bundle of canes. Michelle does not seem phased. Stewart sends Gilbert off to bed, although we can’t imagine he would be able to sleep through what is about to happen. Seeing Michelle’s smirk, “So you think you are going to enjoy this, by the look on your face?” He begins spanking her on the couch. She is passionate.

“Take your dress off.” “…What?’ She wears a scandalous little half-slip, garter-belt, skimpy knickers, stockings, giving us some idea of what she might be doing to earn money to party. Stewart begins with a short whip, knickers down, and she likes it.

Next, touch-toes for a leather sole. She flashes a huge bush, putting this film back in time. It was listed as an early MOONGLOW. Joe makes her sit and talk, hands-on-her-head. He pulls her top down to expose her breasts, for the fun of it. A strap, kneel on the settee; knees wide, down with the pants again.

A crop; but first he wants her in bedtime clothes. She returns in a short white lace nightie, a thong showing through. Joe helps Michelle into the diaper position on the settee for the crop. Closeups of her unshaven body. Touch toes, more crop.

“You’re making a lot of noise. Are you faking this?” The caning begins. Six on her bottom with thong (which doesn’t interfere), 3 with the thong down, 6 more kneeling on the settee.

They keep changing positions, and Michelle manages to get her knickers back up. Down they come for the final “six more.” Joe gets his close inspection and rub. The marks look real, with the telltale collection on the far buttock from the whip-snap of the thin cane.

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