Bikini Models Spanked – BIZARRE

5 Jun

2M/4f; time: 53 minutes

Redheads are good spanking subjects. The story: 2 sleazy and lecherous photographers spank their bikini models for trumped-up studio infractions. The spankings are all by hand, OTK or a version thereof, and mild, on pretty and mostly bare bottoms. Taking off your pants was clearly part of this film audition.

I-Randy spanks the sext redhead on her thong, while partner Rubin watches. Lots of silly “ooh’s” and “aah’s” but good scenery, enhanced by a dressing room mirror reflecting nice facials. He gets her shirt off, her thing down, and eventually the bra. He points out that she is not the “innocent little girl from the Midwest” any more. She doesn’t look so innocent to us.

II- Rubin has caught his own butterfly, in the person of a classy blonde in a little black dress, and panties, and not much else. She does a teasing strip tease and manages to reverse things and spanks Rubin. She strips him down to shorts–he is not fighting this–then naked, but we can’t tell how excited he might be, just a suggestion of it would have been fun.

III- Rubin has now captured a chunky brunette in leopard bikini. Handspanking. Bikini off, nipple play. Silly stuff.

IV-A photo-shoot, 2 bikini’d girls handspank and strip each other, then do the baby oil thing. All in all, just keep moving, nothing to see here.

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