Whipped, Dildoed, and Milked – NUWEST

5 Jun

F/m; time: 29 minutes

One of the most graphic NU-WEST  films we have seen, and instantly onto our ‘favorites’ pile. Dominatrix ‘Karen Bell’ introduces herself and the scene opens on a naked guy tied down on his back on a low bench. His large penis lolls at rest–he is described as “horse-hung” in a summary of this film we saw. He will prove it.

Karen circles the bench, snapping her martinet. She wears only a leather B&D harness, with the smallest  triangle of cloth between her legs. Knee boots. She looks eight feet tall, but the guy can’t see her because he has a hood over his head. She flicks his cock as she whips his body on the bench. Karen squats over his face a few times, but it doesn’t look like they make contact.

Fade: the naked guy now kneels on the floor on his haunches. Karen circles and whips. “You piece of shit!” You can’t take your eyes off her as she works–long legs, powerful thighs, large perfect buttocks. We wonder if she ever made a jello wrestling film. Partway through this session, she switches to the dog whip.

After another fade, the guy is strung up  to a spreader bar, stark naked. After more whipping Karen slowly puts on a strap-on dildo, installs and lubes a condom. Long hold on this impressive dong. She nestles behind the guy and appears to insert the dildo, although here we do not get the confirming oblique angle. From the guy’s shifting posture, SOMETHING is happening. Karen reaches around to begin an aggressive stroking of his penis and balls as she keeps humping.

For the next five minutes his penis will be spotlit in the otherwise well-lighted studio. Karen has aroused a full erection in him. Maybe he is from City Hall or somewhere, because we will never see his face. But he has something to be proud of.

Karen reaches around and works with two hands. The guy cums in powerful spurts and gasps, captured by the lighting and a backdrop on the wall to improve the contrast. Karen jerks with her dildo at the climactic moments to increase the release. Very theatrical porn, especially for NU-WEST.

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