Sent For A Caning – NUWEST

7 Jun

3F/m; year: 2002; time: 29 minutes

A ferocious caning of a naked male by three NU-WEST models, set in the townhouse scene.

A hefty male is bent over a trestle, naked, his butt already red. The caning is underway–a blonde is whipping him, ‘Vanna’ holds him still, and big ‘Karen’ watches.

There will be very little dialogue and no explanations. The caning is rapid, hard, and covers the entire target. Given the length of the film, and that three women will cane, there must be repeats. The blonde: “You deserve this caning, you douche bag!” “Yes, ma’am.” “Was that sarcastic?…you’re not going to be thanking me when I’m done.” “No, ma’am.” This costs him greater intensity from the blonde.

As the girls rotate, the blonde notices “a little bit of blood.” Vanna takes the cane, Karen does the holding, and the blonde to the shadows. Same wicked caning, and we know Vanna knows how to use the cane. She ends her session with the classic NU-WEST flurry.

Big Karen last; the guy’s butt has developed a variety of stripes, bruises, welts, and wheals. We’re impressed. The guy’s gasps are increasing. Karen shifts to his thighs, which set up renewed hollering.

The girls walk off the set, self-satisfied. Somebody will have to come and help this guy.

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