The Experiment – CALSTAR

7 Jun

F/f; time: 20 minutes

Actor ‘Michael Dawes,’ paunchy and unkempt at this point in his career, is on the phone arranging a pub meeting and golf with a friend. He has hired ‘Anna,’ a Swedish housekeeper. She enters the room, and from the look of her she’d better not let Dawes come close to her.

Dawes asks Anna to discipline his daughter ‘Terry,’ and he assumes Anna has seen his collection of spanking implements upstairs.

Later, Anna confronts Terry, a sloppy-looking dyed redhead, slouching and lolling, begging for discipline. Anna tells her she has authorization and that there is going to be a “regime change.”
Terry is horrified she is going to be spanked but is soon OTK without much struggle.

The handspanking is silly, and we wish Dawes hadn’t delegated this assignment, but it is his daughter, and the director gets to film soon female/female action. Panties down.

Terry stands, and Anna goes through the CalStar routine with first the soft oval paddle, then the floppy strap, and then the cane.

“Not the cane, oh, God.” 25 strokes are shown, realistic wheals develop early. Very hard from Anna, short whippy strokes. Terry is sent to her room, contrite and begging.

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