Amelia Jane Rutherford – Rogue Model – FIRMHAND

8 Jun

Another series from Amelia Jane Rutherford; this lady is doing a fine job of staying in sweet naughty trim as her career progresses. She is featured here with another CP icon, Christian Fennington, present for some of the wonderful early British films in the mid-1980’s. He was married to ‘Sophie Fennington,’ for many, THE CP Queen. We believe we detect a modernized version of Sophie’s work in that of Ms. Rutherford.

‘A’ (M/f; 2014; time: 9 minutes) Christian Fennington has found nude photos of Amelia on a website. She is one of his “top models,” she is threatening his client base, and now he has the excuse he needs to work her out through this series.

He calls her in; her indignant dissent with his right to control her fades, giving us lots of perfect facials of this actress. She wears a print top and dark short-shorts. She admits she likes the spanking and that the money is not a factor. Her vague “Sorry’s” don’t resonate. So Christian will spank her.

He grabs her, bends her over the couch, handspanks the shorts, then has her take them down. Little white lace panties, worn by the undies-queen of the industry. Soon they are down for the glorious view. Red cheeks. Slow-motion repeats at the conclusion.

‘B’ (M/f; 2014; time: 8 minutes) A spanking relationship has now been established between Christian and his top model. He shows her a “hard leather paddle,” and she does with the big eyes what few CP actresses can do. Christian is modifying her modeling contract–he will be spanking her when it is called for. Begin now.

Amelia lies over the arm of the couch, her short black skirt up, to display conservative black panties, at least by her standards. He begins paddling. “Ow, it’s horrible!” Panties down. Various angles–we especially liked the overheads and her peeking Dimples of Venus.

When he shouts at her, a growl reminiscent of his days with Sophie Fennington, she stops her struggling and the 62-stroke paddling is completed.

‘C’ (M/f; 2014; 10 minutes) Amelia continues with ‘Christian Fennington,’ one of the early contributors to the seminal British spanking genre. Ms. Rutherford has aligned herself often with some of the best CP actors. She has both the knowledge of the history and a bottom to perpetuate it.

Christian is going to give her the heavy tawse in this episode. And he is going to beat her until she cries, which of course is a challenge and she vows not to do. “I’m not going to cry.” The usual careful and detailed facials; AJR’s blond bangs are cut to the eyebrows.

“Take your skirt off.” She wears little red lace boyshorts, naughty as always. She bends over a tall chair, again illustrating her dynamic tall body. The first four tawse swats are on those red knickers. She gasps and cries with sincerity.

“Take those knickers off….down to your knees.” Almost 30 more strokes, many full-screen, very intense. Ms. Rutherford is spending a lot of time in the gym and holds up well as the years go by. “I’m immune to your whimpering,” and he continues, “I’m rising to the challenge.” “What?” utters Amelia, suspecting a double entendre. But: “I won’t just magically cry for you.” He sends her off, to return tomorrow, and she makes sure to flash her carefully tended front for us.

‘D'(M/f; 2014; 9 minutes); Christian will instruct Amelia in “aversion therapy” in this episode, with a fearsome bundle of birches. Amelia wears a fedora, a white turtleneck jersey, and slacks. To add to the embarrassment, Amelia must hold a bar of wet soap in her mouth.

Christian helps her get the soap bar just right- she is not pleased, of course. She lies full length along the couch, Christian pulls first her slacks and then her stylish little white panties down. Her bottom soars and shows faint signs of having received some attention in the recent past. Eyes on her long leather riding boots. The FirmHand graphics report Fennington laid on 34 strokes. Amelia wails from the first to the last. Like a good birch bundle should, the twigs flake and spray fragments over her back and bottom.

You can’t take your eyes off her buttocks as she eases her panties back in place.

‘E’ (M/f; 2014; 10 minutes); Christian shows Amelia a strap and explains that today is about humiliation. Wonderful facial closeups showing her indignation, “It’s all humiliating, believe me.” She kneels high on a couch arm, which makes her bottom shine up into the camera lights. She screams at the first strap stroke.

She is wearing an athletic halter and jam shorts. Christian pulls the shorts down and this time there are no panties. Her bottom has already begun to rouge up. The strapping is filmed from the facial angle, full spectacular rear, and a ceiling CAM which highlights her carefully tended figure. FirmHand’s graphic reports 32 strokes of the strap.

‘F’ (M/f; 2014; 11 minutes); Christian Fennington receives a phone call; Amelia Jane attended a spanking party and apparently performed. There are photos. She is one of his top models, and he has been treating her with “kid gloves,” he says. We’ve seen that.

Amelia enters his office, at first denies the charge, and then confesses. “Sorry, it was just for fun.” He holds up his BlackBerry-photos. She will be bending over a formal straight chair. “Take off your skirt.” Nifty tight gray panties–we have said much about Ms. Rutherford’s underwear selection. Blouse off, “Why?” “Because I want to see you naked.” Matching gray bra.

Christian begins with the strap on her panties, a doubled belt. “Oh, God, God!” Amelia screams and we reached for the volume. Panties down, bra off, Christian straps her, scolds, straps. FirmHand reports 58 strokes. When he talks, her breathtaking bottom is kept full screen. We think we missed some dialogue in our concentration.

He handspanks her lower thighs. “I don’t like that.” The tall Ms. Rutherford presents a long shapely model’s thigh. Her bottom has developed a pink spray of strap marks, not mean, but she will feel the warmth. The film concludes with 90 seconds of slo-mo repeats.

‘G’ (year: 2014; M/f; time: 11 minutes): Amelia has cost Christian Fennington a modeling contract and she knows what that means. He shows her a huge paddle, “all the way from Texas.” Actress that she is, she bugs her eyes out as she stares at it.

Hands on the back of the couch, she wears tight fitting designer jeans. Face to a mirror. The first strokes are on the jeans. She pulls them down and the panties come with them. Seven more strokes on the bare, blotching, closeups. The last 2 minutes are a combination of slow-motion spanking and facials.

‘H’ (year: 2014; M/f; time: 12 minutes) Christian Fennington confronts Amelia, who reports to him, wearing a fuzzy boa and tight slacks. She is his ‘top model’ and has been caught trying to blackmail one of his clients. That doesn’t go down well in series like these.

“So you only spank your top models?” “Only you….I singled you out because you go to spanking parties and websites.” He shows her an impressive-looking cricket bat. “You can’t use that on me.” They agree that he will, because “this is a relationship now.” Amelia comments that the relationship is of a “very strange kind.”

She bends over slowly her dramatic way. A few hard cracks of the bat on her round buttocks in the pants, the usual facials. “Take the trousers down,” which does with her slow and practiced style, moment we wait for in all her films.

Great shots from lower angles of this treasure. There are traces of previous sessions. “I think you enjoy displaying your bottom.” About 7 hard cracks on the bare. Christian keeps urging her thighs apart with the paddle. At the conclusion she pulls her pants up ever so slowly and sashays out of the room.

‘I’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Amelia’s spanking relationship with Christian continues. He informs her a producer wants to hire her for a new show, ‘Fetishe,’ because of the naughty publicity she has gotten. They want to shoot a commercial which involves over-the-knee spanking. “With me? I like over-the-knee spanking.”

“We should get some practice,” posits Christian. “I don’t need any practice.” He tugs her OTK–it isn’t much of a struggle. The scene is filmed quite close-in, so that Amelia takes up most of the screen.

An oblique angle permits views of the spanking and her face. The venerable Mr. Fennington knows how to do it, and Amelia knows how to take it. Her minor discomfort is masked with titillation and pleasure. Black panties down very early and quite slowly. Really the best bottom shots you can find in the trade. Some slow-motion and a humorous out-take.

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