Bonita – Editing Department – NUWEST

8 Jun

M/f; year: 1997; time: 7 minutes

Blond employee gets whipped for company infractions. More in this little series. ‘Bonita’ (Berker) arrives at the studio–she knows for a spanking. Ed Lee narrates her appearance. ‘Vanna’ escorts her into the dressing room to put on the humiliating charcoal gray school pinafore, knee socks, and black-and-whites. Vanna, in other segments of this series, has taken some pleasure in escorting girls to their spankings.

Bonita is led onto the sound stage. she stands on the pad, raises her gray skirt, drops her white panties to her lower thighs, and is left by Vanna–to wait for Ed Lee and the whip. She fidgets a bit, and the camera holds on her bare bottom in silence for a full 30 seconds.

Lee enters with his dogwhip. He explains–18 strokes in sets of six, 30 seconds of rest. Elbow to her knees, Bonita assumes the unladylike squat which is part of this embarrassment. Lee lays on the first six–she screams up a storm. For the second six, we have the facial angle, and back to the bottom for the third six. Nice little red marks scattered here and there.

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