Fair Measures – CALSTAR

8 Jun

M/2f; year: 2002; time: 39 minutes

Another long-term favorite of ours from the CalStar catalogue; labor vs. government. Two girls are working at a pub. A grizzled old guy (the prototype for an ageplay predator spanker if there ever was one) from the “office of trading standards” has probably been casing this place. He is going to shut the pub down–the girls have been shorting measures on customers, who have complained.

‘Nicola’ is a tall brunette student from Czechoslovakia and the second brunette is the ‘assistant manageress.’ The girls know being shut down will cost them their jobs. “There must be something which can be done..the manager is away.”

The old guy, who reminds us of our Latin teacher, elbow pads and all, jumps on this suggestion. He has paddles and canes in the car. The girls are in for “a beating.” “I don’t think we deserve a beating, just for short measures.” “In that case, you’re closed.” They capitulate. “Let’s get started.”

The brunette manageress is spanked first. She stands to drop her red slacks. Down to a thong, she looks at the camera. Mild handspanking. He pulls the thong down. “You’re a disgusting man.” “Yes, I know, but I’m in charge.” She checks the camera again, pulls up her pants, and gets over a stool.

Pants down again, the soft oval paddle. “Oh, it’s hurting.” (heurting in brogue) “I think we’ll try the harder paddle.” “Not so hard,” she whispers out-of-character. The guy shifts to the cane and he moves her around on the stool so the camera has a better shot at her bottom. About 12 strokes. “Not me legs.” This guy is a devil. Repeats, very big marks, very thick cane. She is sent off to the side to watch, “with your pants down.”

The tall, taciturn Nicola, who because she is Czech we assume she knows something about spanking, is next. OTK, black latex slacks down. “Take all your clothes off.” This would seem to have little to do with the Office of Trading Standards, but we admire his observation of an unbelievable opportunity when he sees one. “Everything?” “Everything.” What we see is why we rank this film so highly. Handspanking. OTK, quite naked.

Over the stool for the floppy paddle and the oval paddle. She is then sent off naked through the pub, for one of the best scenes we have ever seen in CP films, recognizing our personal preferences.

The Czech walks up the straight staircase, totally naked, slow enough for the camera to follow her bottom, but she does not sashay or perform. The is the best up-the-stairs scene we can recall. The old geezer follows with his canes.

The brunette bends over the pool table, just the right height of course to show off her fabulous bottom. She stretches her arms forward, turns her head to the side. “Brace yourself for this.” Almost 25 cane strokes are shown; she gasps and rubs. The camera holds her bottom full screen for much of this scene. There are facials, obliques, and rear views among the repeats.

The Czech girl then walks back downstairs, her estimable boobs bouncing. We’re sure the director took one look at her body and realized what a set of stairs could do.

The inspector signs the clean bill for the pub and leaves.

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