Showcase Spanking – CALSTAR

8 Jun

F/f; time: 24 minutes

Spankings required if you want recording contracts. A tall blonde tells a black girl she must accept spankings from ‘Travis’ or ‘David’ if she expects to be able to record her music.

So the blonde is going to show her how it happens and “warm her up.” We start OTK there in a kitchen CalStar has often used. The back girl wears a velour warmup suit and fills out the pants very invitingly. The blonde likes what she sees. Warmup pants down, light blue panties which make your fingers itch for the elastic. Slow handspanking.

Knickers down, the blonde helps her off with her jacket and bra. The girl bends over a table for the paddle, filmed from several angles. Into the diaper position on this table, very revealing, for the oval paddle. “His favorite position…just relax for me.” The blonde wiggles her around, slides a towel under her back, and helps to improve the already complete view. Floppy paddle.

“You’re ready for the cane now.” At this point, reading glances from the black girl, we are wondering just for whom these spankings produce pleasure? Can the blonde spank all the singers?

Bend-over the laundry table in quite a messy kitchen. Did some set designer think this was a good idea? Almost 20 cane strokes, dead quiet to permit repeats, white lines on dark skin. A bit unusual, the blond actress leans into her strokes and looks somewhat out of control.

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