Beating of Rosie Keller – CALSTAR

10 Jun

F/f; year: 1984; time: 21 minutes

Nailbiting schoolgirl reports to Miss Parker in some absolutely vintage and beautifully executed spanking film. The actress has been to the wardrobe department–she wears a blazer, pleated skirt, necktie, knee socks. Miss Parker, a familiar severe Domme who has a special interest in young female bottoms, sits at her desk, with a cane laid out for Rosie to see. “I’ll beat you if you don’t tell me who your confederates were.” Hang in there, Rosie, don’t talk!

Rosie is ordered to lift her skirt and is smacked hard on her bare thighs–we love this particularly English prelude to a spanking. “Pull your pants down. Let’s see what effect this cane has.” Over the desk, she gets hard strokes–we watch 12 or so strokes from the front and the rear-no repeats-one stripe per stroke. “I have all the time in the world and you’re the one who will get the pain.”

Rosie takes several positions for more caning, and there is much fussing with these postures. She kneels on the desk–very schoolgirl-like, but with her head down and knees apart, very revealing. She kneels on a chair. Tears emerge during these sequences and drip down, quite unusual. Finally, Parker storms off in frustration. Rosie held her tongue. She won and we won.

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