Behind in the Rent – KURTSTEVENS

10 Jun

M/2f; year: 1990; time: 36 minutes

Young appealing girls cannot pay the rent–ahh, an abundant plotline for all the producers in the idiom. This film is mild, but the girls are lovely, and probably have other jobs as actresses, so their assets are preserved. Two sweet-looking brunettes sleep peacefully in their apartment. The phone rings; ‘Julie’ wakes and answers. The landlord, a smarmy-looking guy with full rabbinical beard, wants three months’ back rent. Julue strips off her nightie and dresses for work in very naughty attire; we get a slow reverse striptease from total nudity–lovely, unshaven bush, nifty bikini tan lines circa 1990, hard bottom, perfect breasts. She is comfortable naked. This film may have been released also as “Correction of Julie.”

Julie leaves for work but is jumped by a guy hidden in the back seat of her car–it is the landlord’s son. She is dragged back inside. The bearded landlord has appeared on the scene too. Time for some action with delectable young lady. Julie demands to know what is going on. It’s about the rent, my dear, the rent. “Wait a minute…you’re not going to take this out in trade, are you?” Not exactly, Miss Julie. She is shocked to hear that spanking is the agenda this morning. She is wrestled OTK for a long mildly productive handspanking. The sexy tussle is reminiscent of ShadowLane romantic work. The pretty, reluctant bottom makes up for the mild chastisement. She loses her panties and her slip slides down, so we get the full view.

The second sleeping actress has been hugging here teddy bear and somehow didn’t hear the tremendous squawk and flesh-on-flesh in the living room. She too strips and slowly dresses, giving us another leisurely panoramic view. She discovers the strangers in the living room; Julie explains that a spanking is the order of the day, this aspiring actress endures the same wrestling OTK spanking.

At the conclusion, the landlord speaks to his agent on the phone and accepts a new rental–to two more actresses! Yes, he acknowledges, actresses are unreliable payers.

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