Bottoms Up – CALSTAR

10 Jun

2M/2f; year: 1985; time: 28 minutes

Partner-swapping and spanking games. An innocuous but playful exercise, where two couples play games and illustrate the spanking fantasy as we have often imagined it. No one is shy in this one. It is an early IMPRINT effort, with a voyeur aspect of watching the naughty exploits of these two couples.

A very sleazy older guy jumps his attractive wife in her undies, s she is hurrying to finish dressing for guests staying upstairs in their house. He wrestles to get at her bottom, an activity not unfamiliar to either of them. She just manages to pull on her breezy dress as the guests come down the stairs.

They play ‘Snicks and Ladders,’ an off-shoot of the game we know, and a great form of strip poker if you change the prizes and penalties. The wife shows her guests the spanking implements they have on hand, the perfect British household is always equipped. ‘Vicky,’ a flashy blonde, remembers being caned “on the hand,” and is sweetly mystified that there can be any other use for the cane.

In the game, the willowy wife is the first loser and has no problem letting her dress up and her panties down. Giggle all around. Vicky loses next–her husband ‘John’ bares and spanks her. The old-guy husband can’t resist this fantastic sight and reaches over to grab some buttock. “You don’t mind sharing, do you?” He takes over with a martinet and gets in some quick feels too–his wife gently pulls him away. this guy keeps delivering a stream of seemingly unscripted corny lines. Wonder if anyone recognizes him from a stage circuit from the past.

His wife loses again. Her dress comes “right off now.” She is spanked with a ruler and everyone is excited by now. Need to find one of these games where only the women lose.

Vicky wins this time, but the coins which are the prize are poured into her top and into the pants she pulls down. The men trade their wives for stripping, spanking, and investigation. Mayhem. At the 20 minute mark, the girls are more or less naked, fondling the nearest man, and each other. Shoes and a hairbrush are standby spanking implements.

We guess they went to their separate private spaces. A return engagement at Vicky and John’s is arranged.

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