Whipping Sorority – NUWEST

10 Jun

6F/2f;   time: 25 minutes

A NU-WEST classic! EIGHT of NU-WEST’s most well-known models, all on the same stage, in various displays of bras, panties, stockings, heels, etc . All of Ed Lee’s fascination with underwear in one place. We imagine the appearance of eight sleek limos as the girls arrived at the San Marcos studios and the drivers bide their time outside chatting about the girls, waiting for the shoot to complete.

Two sorority sisters are whipped by their bigger Sisters; There won’t be a word of dialogue.

The first sorority sister, ‘Joanne Jameson,’ is strung up to the spreader bar in the familiar NU-WEST studio. The nubile semi-nude whippers sit along a wall, awaiting their turns. Statuesque ‘Karen,’ the first girl to do the whipping, pulls down the panties of the hapless victim, in that ceremonial style done best at NU-WEST. She then lays on about 25 strokes with a multi-tongued lash, then gives way to a brunette, the second whipper. ‘Vanna’ is third with the whip, and more forceful, as she always is, eliciting murmurs from the participants and some gasps and pawing from our bare-bottom victim. The fourth whipper is ‘Katie,’ in pale blue, the diminutive versatile little blonde who will be eager to do anything on film for NuWest throughout her career. The fifth whipper, a blonde who looks seven feet tall in this setting, has some experience with the whip and is aggressive with it, and elicits some sexy discomfort from her little sorority sister. Finally, Amazon ‘Julia Jameson,’ always the stunning brunette, completes the punishment, all in all about 150 strokes amongst the disciplinarians. The girl’s bottom is slightly striped, but she is not hurt.

The second sister to be whipped, another cute bonde, who has been waiting, cornered, herself in a pale blue bra and panties. She is led forward, fastened, and strung up–this process being almost as exciting as the whipping punishment itself. Her face reflects a combination of fear and smirky distain for her tormentors. Her panties come south.

The six whippers repeat the process. There were 200 strokes this time. At the conclusion the eight girls gather for a collegial hug, nothing but panties, red bottoms, legs, and heels. Would make a nice ‘Coming Soon’ poster in NU-WEST’s  corporate lobby.

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