Spanking, Whipping, Kissing – NU-WEST NWV-449

11 Jun

F/f; time: 27 minutes

‘Jacque’ and ‘Katie’ in an odd film from NuWest. Jacque is seen coming out of the shower and preparing her makeup in the bathroom set–a long nude scene which will keep your attention every second. Few better views of her Barbie body can we recall.

Katie is seen enroute in a car. NuWest rarely cut from one scene to another. It seems Jacque plays Katie’s “step-mother.” We’ll bet the girls laughed when they saw this script, if in fact anything is in print. Jacque walks around the house stark naked, just in white heels and jewelry, dolled up and waiting for Katie. She spies her newspaper outside, grabs the tiniest dish towel, and sneaks out to get it, with the resulting wiggling and bend-over, when Katie pulls in and catches her.

It is what they need to get started with this meeting. Katie again defies age, wearing a blue and white-striped jersey dress, two ponytails, and bouncing about like she does. Katie begins spanking the naked Jacque. What is going on here? There follows a long kissing scene, and bottom-smacking, on the couch and then in the kitchen. Awful acting.

In the living area of the NuWest townhouse set, Jacque will now help Katie off with her clothes. Jersey dress off, nothing but little panties, which Jacque pulls down. Katie has shaved. The girls sit for more kissing.

Fade to the kitchen. Katie flicks at Jacque with a small whip, more kissing, lots of nudie shots. Another fade: Jacque grovels on the floor kissing Katie’s shoes and feet.

Another fade: the girls are on the couch, addressing the camera, “Hi Richard, We hoped you liked the video.” The idea that this was a custom-made storyline takes a little of the edge of the weak acting off. However, these two sensational bodies speak for themselves.

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