11 Jun

F/4f; year: 2003; time: 36 minutes

A carefully made costume drama, made at the height of RIGIDEAST’s  imaginative and successful attempts to expand the boundaries of CP films. In a school setting RGE took some trouble to acquire and fixture, 4 girls are caught having drawn a cartoon-beard on Stalin on his photo in the newspaper.

Two school administrators, one is school director ‘Pavel Stastny,’ and ‘Alexandra Wolf,’ in a palatial office, debate what to do with the girls, three of whom are lined up in the corridor outside, in another classic anticipatory tension scene. The officials must maintain order, as the official portrait of Stalin looks down on them.

The girls are brought in, warned, threatened, and scolded. They know what happens in this room. They implicate a fourth girl, ‘Bosenka Novakova,’ whose idea the graffiti was. Alexandra goes and brings Novakova back. The girls are marched outside again, while the group discuss their fate and the need to protect the school image.

The girls are brought back in–we are moving to the action portion of the film. The girls are told them could be sent to a correctional facility, followed by the coal mines, but they will be treated with some leniency, here, now.

At the 10 minute mark, the girls are ordered to strip, take off their skirts and panties. The three girls comply, slowly and with hesitation. They are wearing matching school blouses, skirts, and regulation panties. But Novakova has a problem. She removes her dress to show a long slip, under which she is wearing nothing. It must come off, and soon she cowers naked. The other girls wink at us from below the waist. The camera pans the four vaginas.

Itseems that Novakova’s father was caught and executed as a dissident. It is presumed she has the same inclinations. She will be punished first, with the cane, 50 strokes. She has to bend over and wait while more lecturing and posturing occurs.

Alexandra does all the caning in this film. She lays on 50 moderate strokes, Novakova wails, and as usual, her far buttock takes most of the damage. The strokes are rapid, one every four or five seconds.

A small pigtailed brunette bends over next. She is soon quivering, and has difficulty remaining in position.Tiny blond ‘Dvorakova’ goes next. In defense of authenticity, each of these four girls will mark up quite differently.

Tall brunette ‘Kosova’ goes last for her 50 strokes. The spectators, and Ms. Wolf, had a bit of challenge to disguise their pleasure as they watched these four bottoms take the cane.

And for good measure, Novakova is called out for another session.

At the conclusion, two men, in comical full-length leather coats sand fedoras, rush up the stairs to the office and take Novakova off in handcuffs. Will we see a sequel for her?

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