Karen Spanks Joanne (Specialty Series) – NUWEST NWV-205

11 Jun

F/f; time: 26 minutes

Two NuWest stars make a training film. ‘Joanne Jameson’ stands with her nose in the corner on the sound stage. She wears a long skirt and conventional blouse. Her hair is pinned up, and she looks like she is on her lunch hour. Statuesque Las Vegas ‘Karen’ strides on the scene, wearing riding jodphurs. We’re not looking for a spanking ourselves, but the sight of Karen sets our skin itching.

She grabs Joanne by the ear and marches her off to another sound stage, where a stool awaits. Karen will give her the conventional textbook OTK spanking. After a start on her skirt, Joanne stands to pull up the skirt to display full white control panties and stockings. After a crisp session on her panties, she stands to remove them. She kicks her shoes off in the excitement of the next segment on her bare bottom. Nothing unique we assure you, but we could watch Joanne spanked for hours.

This spanking sequence is then repeated in part five times. A facial view, several rear obliques, a closeup of her hindquarters, and stage-front.

Karen creams her bottom to conclude.

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