Beaten at Cards – CALSTAR

12 Jun

M/f; year: 1993; time: 35 minutes

A storyline we love–ladies have to gamble their bottoms. Here, the male gamblers offer up their female partners’ bottoms as payment for gambling debts. The poor girls have to watch the gambling happen then surrender and pay up. This vintage CALSTAR is poorly made, but the fantasy is first class. ‘Paul’ accepts an offer to play cards with friend ‘Joe,’ over the objection of his wife ‘Stephanie,’ who knows full well where this is all headed.

At Joe’s house, in short order, Paul cannot ante-up. Joe, an older guy who looks like a president-emeritus of the motorcycle club, can still get at the heart of the matter. “I’ll play for your wife…you’ve been spanked before, haven’t you?” Stephanie and Paul confer and think they have a winning hand, but Paul loses and simply shrugs and leaves, abandoning Stephanie to her fate. “You can take a taxi home.”

This is no way to treat a lady, but you’d have to say we are off to a ripping start. Stephanie is model-tall, thin, and popping out of a micro dress she only meant to cause trouble in. Joe moves some furniture around, flourishes his martinet, and we are ready to start. Stephanie kneels on the floor and leans up on a chair. Joe starts whipping, hard and loud, then rolls up the tissue-like dress, exposing a thonged bottom. “Oh, very nice.” Indeed.

He fondles and she giggles. This is not so hard to take so far. Joe encourages Stephanie over the arm of the couch, head disappeared down to the floor, voice muffled, bottom soaring. Down with her thong, as if it mattered. She gasps–sweet. More with the martinet. Joe has not yet gotten her attention. “You don’t seem to be twitching very much.” Stephanie sits up; Joe pulls down her top and fondles her breasts. Stephanie is just his bauble.

Joe steps it up. Flat on the couch for handspanking. “Please, don’t.” Kneeling on the floor again; spanking is harder and results are developing. She jumps up, in tears, nice furry bush on display. While he is getting a hairbrush, she sneaks her up her thong, but must pull it down again “slowly.” This hairbrush stings and is not her favorite. “Can’t we do something else? We’ll play cards.” “Why? You’ve got nothing to lose.” “There must be something you want.”

It seems there is. She loses a best-of series in one-card draw and goes upstairs (we don’t question how she knows where to go and what to do) and returns in a black bustier, stockings, garter belt, and naughty panties. Top down again for a fondle.

Joe is British and also ends with the cane. 6 very hard strokes. Tears. Stephanie’s bottom is a visual history of the martinet, the hand, the brush, and the cane. To conclude, he massages her with a liquid–would have been fun if it were witch-hazel. He tucks some money in her G-string, stripper style, for the cab.

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