Disgrace to the Uniform – REDSTRIPE

13 Jun

F/2f; year: 1998; time: 28 minutes

‘Miss Brown’ again. A familiar format, executed to exacting standards. Headmistress Miss Brown summons two students who have been caught shoplifting. The girls, ‘Sylvia,’ played by ‘Lorraine Ansell,’ and ‘Emma,’ played by ‘Stephanie,’ pretend they don’t have any idea what they have done and do a convincing job of suggesting they are near wetting their knickers in the presence of the terrifying Miss Brown.

Both will be spanked, and in the pattern Miss Brown has crafted. Sylvia is first–she is a dark redhead, with a very busy figure under her schoolgirl kit of blouse, tie, and plaited skirt. Miss Brown’s almost inaudible. menacing voice directs her OTK, skirt up, very hard handspanking on blue knickers. Sylvia’s whimpers resound.

Miss Brown makes her stand and pull her pants down herself. Her look of shocked surprise typifies the detailed acting and directing RedStripe can accomplish. Back OTK. Insets of another camera view of her face. This phase completed, she stands to the side.

Now Emma, a stringy haired brunette. Well, she is wearing non-regulation stockings and we wait while she strips them off along with the garter belt and puts on white socks Miss B provides. Tension builder. Miss B smacks Sylvia’s available bottom a few times while we wait. OTK for Emma, skirt up, well-fitted white panties down, hard smacks from the headmistress. Emma obligingly keeps her hair from covering her face.

When Emma is finished, we are treated to an invention fitting of Miss Brown: Emma must straddle a chair in the corner, her back to us, her bare bottom on the edge and splayed for us to contemplate.

Sylvia returns, bare bottom over desk, for a brief session with a heavy reformatory strap, wielded with precision. Sylvia: “Don’t you think this is a little extreme, Miss Brown?” “I think shoplifting is a little extreme, don’t you?” Lovely shots of Sylvia’s tight round bottom as it undergoes color change. And, of course, never speak to Miss Brown unless you are spoken to.

Emma goes over the desk for the same and Sylvia spreads on the chair. She can’t stay bent over. Miss B handslaps her thighs to keep her in position.

Then another novel posture for RedStripe, both girls lie over desks in opposite directions, two bottoms on the screen. Miss B alternates on the girls with a heavy leather embossed paddle. She never pulls a punch.

Next Miss Brown will cane the girls in this lineup. Each girl gets two sets of six strokes, in Miss Brown’s wicked short-swing wrist-snapping style. When they finish and stand at the wall again, oblique views show the wheals and welts.

Sylvia is called out again. “Are we having more, miss?” “Yes, you are.” Touch-toes, such a compelling pose, for 6 more strokes, with gasping and tears by now.

Same for Emma; Sylvia vigorously rubs her bottom on-screen as Emma takes her bend-overs.

Hands-on-head, bottoms on display against the wall. A lot of action for 28 minutes, no fluffy diversions. We have often thought actresses can’t be pleased when they see Miss Brown’s name on the cast list.

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