Russian Slaves #84-Discipline in a Russian Convent 1 – NETTLES

13 Jun

M/2f; 42 minutes

Bizzare doings in Russian CP! Two girls, ‘Svetlana’ and ‘Alita,’ experiment with lesbian activities because they can’t find boys. They strip each others’ clothes off and proceed through an uninventive and awkward love scene until their father bursts in.

The father spanks the two naked girls in a struggle with them and demands to know whose idea this was. They are ordered to dress. He is going to send them to a convent.

The scene shifts to the ‘convent.’ nothing more than the high ceiling empty ballroom-like space we have described before. The girls meet ‘Mother Agfia.’ who explains the procedures there, including the use of corporal punishment. The father signs permission for the use of CP and agrees to the fee the convent charges for the therapy. It will take one month.

‘Brother Gavrila’ is called in, a facilitator. The girls are ordered to undress (we have already been through this once with them). After they get naked, they put on sleeveless tops and pants and long black novices’ robes, including traditional nuns’ headdress.

The girls are moved to another room and ordered to undress AGAIN. They are going to be put in some strange forms of rope bondage you would only find in a Russian film. Both are tied nude, suspended between two posts, in odd poses, with knots and configurations which took some time to accomplish. The idea is that the girls are to be left like this for punishment. Part one concludes with Brother G. flogging them from various angles.

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