Take Three Girls – MOONGLOW

13 Jun

2MF/3f; time: 21 minutes

Three girls; spanking flashbacks, a tangled storyline not worth deciphering. Admire the buttocks. Actress ‘Katie,’ in the role of ‘Jacki,’ seen here on a dated cell phone. She is talking to a girlfriend and explains she is headed to a 6 PM punishment appointment. She will show her friend her wheals at 6:30. Bring cold cream. He friend sounds intrigued. “You’re wicked.”

There follow a series of short spanking and caning sessions among three well-experienced MOONGLOW actresses. The storyline is murky and not worth your attention.

At Six, a male meets Jacki in the detention room, she bends over and takes six strokes on the bare. FADE to another phone call. Jacki describes the experience to friend ‘Naomi.’

Flashback to a spanking for Naomi (actress ‘Jane Wright’). She gets spanked and caned by the same teacher.

Another scene: ‘Veronica,’ played by the actress ‘Tina Jones,’ whose MOONGLOW ‘Tina’s Ton-Up’ is one of the most extended canings we have seen; she is called to the detention room and caned by a woman.

Another scene with Veronica and Jacki being caned by the male teacher.

This time Veronica and Naomi are caned by the male teacher for returning home late from a party in tarty clothes.

At the conclusion, Jacki, having been caught in bed ‘consoling’ another girl (everyone has sore bottoms in this film), gets a session in the detention room, as does Veronica.

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