Bare Bottom Punishment – STRICTLYENGLISH

16 Jun

2M/2f; year: 2003; time: 62 minutes

Spanking at a girls’ school, with some little twists. Students ‘Alisa Chapman’ (actress ‘Sarah Harvey-Lewis’) and ‘Debbie Marshall'(actress ‘Suzi Martell’) have been summoned to the headmaster, ‘Mr. Francis.’ They know corporal punishment is imminent.

The girls spy an attractive new male teacher in the halls, ‘Mr. Jones.’ The headmaster calls them in, then endorses them over to staff member ‘Miss Cook,’ who has a reputation for and is used to roasting students’ bottoms and is to be avoided. The girls try a ruse–they will forge Miss Cook’s signature, stripe their own bottoms on a warm iron radiator, then return to Mr. Francis with the verification. Nothing works–the radiator fails, the girls bare each other’s bottoms and try to spank each other.

The headmaster does his bare bottom verification (He should be suspicious. Radiator marks would be vertical,right? Miss Cook called in sick today, so the whole fraud is exposed. He will have to spank them himself. Brunette Alisa and blonde Debbie take turns going over his desk for a loud and hard slippering. Everything will be six-of-the-best today. Tonight, at detention, the punishment is required to be repeated, “on the bare.”

Later, at the aforementioned evening detention, the girls report in short shorts and T-shirts. Behold, it’s the new Mr. Jones running the event tonight, dressed in his Mr. Universe workout clothes. He is the gym teacher. He makes the girls do so PT–they want to be spanked, especially by him. He is surprised that they are “playing me around” and dispatches them back to the headmaster.

The girls are back soon with the official note. It’s to be “bare bottom punishment.” Well, it appears he must do it, here on the first day of his job, bare-bottomed female students. A large sectional vaulting horse happens to be at hand, and over they go. He works their shorts down immediately. “You have been winding me up all day. Now I find out it is part of my job to pull your pants down.” It is always good to face up immediately to the most difficult task of your job.

Alisa and Debbie love it. They are handspanked, bottoms high. A leather straps rings out. Mr. Jones has them shift and sit on the horse, extending their bare bottoms over the edge–very appealing. We catch a glimpse of Debbie’s knife-thin Mohawk. He slaps their exposed bottoms. He certainly has a demonic imagination for a novice gym teacher.

The colorful vaulting horse puts the girls in dramatic poses. They kneel on the narrow length on top, faces flat to the pad, bottoms elevated, gasping, for the tawse. “What do you think of detention now, girls?” STRICTLY ENGLISH uses a screen insert for closeups.

Debbie is the first for the cane, lying full length on the top pad. 12 strokes, varied angles. He feels her bottom between cane shots. The strokes are very hard–she can barely cough out the count. The last stroke is replayed from various places–very sexy.

Alisa looks worried, watching this. She gets her 12, but bending over, producing a much more appetizing target. They are zingers–“the last six are the hardest.” The girls flash and wiggle their striped bottoms for this handsome, poised, ambidextrous teacher at the conclusion. “That, girls, is the end of detention.”

The girls use the radiator to cool their bottoms this time. This video concludes with a slow-motion replay of Chapman’s entire caning. For appealing, convincing actors; several scenes; legitimate spankings.

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