Gina’s Tail – MOONGLOW

16 Jun

2M/2f; time: 33 minutes

Spankings in the office;

‘Monday’ ‘Gina.’ a conventional brunette, hair up, eyeglasses, bangs away on an Underwood manual typewriter, on a skimpy office set. Her boss is angry that she did not make coffee. “I’m not a coffee girl.” “Stand up,” the boss demands. Gina goes OTK without much resistance. Skirt up to display conventional white panties, garter belt and stockings. Panties down, againt Gina’s protests are minor. Back to work.

‘Tuesday’ Another office worker, a blonde, has found a missing file and brings it to the boss, taking the opportunity to file a grievance that Gina should not have been spanked. So he will spank HER. He takes her OTK and does a warm-up on her slacks. “Let’s have these down,” to display a thong.

‘Wednesday’ Gina struggles with the old typewriter. “It’s hopeless, a bit like you,” she says to her boss, not having learned anything from Monday. She he takes her OTK again, and she is dumped on the floor after a brief spanking.

‘Thursday’ A typewriter repairman, from the office staff or a very frequent visitor, works on the machine. The blonde tells him Gina got spanked for complaining about the machine and other things. He’ll show HER a spanking, takes her OTK, skirt up for a brief session, after which they hug and he fondles. He must know her somewhat.

‘Friday’ The boss calls Gina, the blonde, and the repairman together. Everyone must work tomorrow, Saturday, on a crisis project. Everyone had other plans, and Gina objects. She will spank her again, this time in front of the others. She stands to take off her blouse and skirt to display NuWest-like foundation undergarments, a heavy bra, full panties, and garter belt. Odd selections by her if she had expected to undress today. She takes off her panties but covers up. The boss spanks her, and at the same time the guy spanks the blonde.

Gina is up and down a few times, exposing a big bush. She hugs the boss–this spanking thing is now erotic. The guy is making similar progress with the blonde. Her blouse and skirt come off. She is down to a bustier and panties, for her spanking.

‘Saturday’ The boss fumes and paces–no on is on time. Gina arrives first. “I’m going to have to deal with you again,” he says. She kneels and helps him take off his jacket and roll up his right sleeve. “Did you enjoy earlier in the week?” He undresses her–jacket off, topless dress pulled down. No bra! “Ooh,” he exclaims. Skirt off, OTK, boobs hang. She pulls her panties down. He reaches under to tweak her boobs. Fingers between her thighs. She stands, they kiss, he tweaks her nipples. and we presume they get to work.

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