Whipping Duet #1 – NUWEST FCV-174

16 Jun

M/2f; time: 7 minutes

Ed Lee can be demonically clever in just the briefest film. Two of his favorite blondes, ‘Katie’ and ‘Jacque,’ are featured here. In the dim light in what we have learned is the back yard of the NU-West house and barn set, the two girls quickly strip naked. Katie throws Ed one of her faux defiant angry glances while she stands there in the altogether and Ed cuffs her wrists. Same for Jacque.

He fastens their coupled wrists to opposite ends of a spreader bar and hauls them up. Their pale bottoms twitch in the harsh spotlighting. Wicked Ed, he applies a piece of duct tape over each girl’s mouth.

He whips both bottoms with his bullwhip. Both girls jump at each stroke. Dogs bark. Birds chirp. Not sure why birds chirp in the dark. Various angles-facials, low-rear, oblique. 2 cute dodging bottoms–the girls look small and helpless, diminished in these exterior surroundings.

Lee releases them, they dress with anger and contempt, and run off.

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