Damn Good Thrashing – CALSTAR

18 Jun

M/f; time: 25 minutes

Vintage stuff–bottoms never change. An older ageplay actor from CalStar and Roue archives, prowls his estate. He examines correspondence prepared by an assistant, which is filled with comical errors. He yells for ‘Patty,’ who appears, and is eager for a spanking promised this morning.

“You little minx,” he declares. The errors were just to facilitate the lowering of her panties. Patty writhes on the couch, eager for the action. OTK, sensual rubbing; he gets her knickers down. She lies over his lap so high that her bottom is right in her face.

When they shift positions, Patty keeps her panties in position to protect her modesty. OTK again, panties off, the guy separates her buttocks for some exploration. Silly drama. His knee between her legs stabilizes her on his lap.

A new scene; Patty brings a new blond girl, ‘Davina,’ and her boyfriend in for an audition. Now we know why spanking is the order of the day here. This is a CP film studio. Patty explains that the part requires nudity, a surprise to Davina, but she strips when she is asked. Pink jersey off, no bra, thong remains in place. Davina lies on the bed and is fondled by Patty, quite an audition. Lesbian play.

The boyfriend joins, having missed a lot of action already. They take him on the bed, get his pants down, and spank him. Closeups; both girls have full pubic bushes reflecting the time.

Travis returns, furious at all this side play. He spanks Davina, the boyfriend spanks Patty. General sexy naked melee. Travis tells Davina she has the part, and she jumps around naked for joy.

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