Punished ‘Schoolgirl’ – NUWEST

18 Jun

2F/2m; year: 1996; time: 28 minutes

‘Julia Jameson’ plays a teacher; a male sits on the empty sound stage with minimal setup as a classroom. He wears full schoolgirl regalia and wig. We will never see his face.

At the front of the classroom, Julia takes him OTK, pants down. She will start a series of spankings when he fails quiz questions. He gets the strap and a yardstick.

In a new scene, teaching assistant ‘Mary’ brings another guy, ‘Steve,’ into Julia’s classroom. “What you need is a good paddling…get your pants down.” The acting is typically awful. Julia has her Spencer paddle at hand. She instructs Mary on the use of this potentially explosive implement. Julia lays on a few hard strokes which seem to startle the actor, then hands the paddle over to Mary.

Mary paddles as hard as Julia, and Julia laughs when Steve cries out. The other guy dressed as a schoolgirl, is called forward again and both the girls use the Spencer on him.

Julia shifts to the cane and again explains it. She whips Steve very fast, getting carried away maybe, leaving noticeable marks. A little more caning for Steve, he is sent to the corner, the girls laugh and walk off-set.

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