The Cane Hurts, Miss – OOHTEEKAY

18 Jun

2F/2f; time: 42 minutes

The ‘Uniform Discipline’ series. Two girls in full schoolgirl kit walk home and stop off in a playroom which is part of their property, called ‘The Old Guide Hut.’ The girls, blond ‘Molly’ and brunette ‘Antonia,’ with heavy Irish brogues, light up cigarettes and loll in the clubhouse. Two family members, the famous ‘Miss Gillian-Lancer,’ and ‘Miss Melly,’ catch them. “Eighteen and still messing about.”

Typical of this producer, there is a lot of talk–scolding. posturing. Lancer and Melly spank the two girls together, to a chorus of yelling.

FADE to a new scene, “Back at Home.” Lancer and Melly will work the girls over again here. They stand at the wall, their dresses are pinned up and their knickers are pulled down. The lighting and the angles are poor. Lancer will paddle them. Molly offers. “We have a volunteer!” She kneels on a chair. The paddle is a junior fraternity-style. The brunette is next, nothing memorable.

The girls have to put on silly “gym kits.” Antonia has a lot going on under her blouse but we won’t see it today. Melly asks, “Do you have a cane?” Well yes, there it is, hanging on clothes hooks right in front of us.

Both girls take turns bending over on the chair for the cane, about 12 each. Molly is the most reluctant and soon starts the cry. “Here come the waterworks.” Oblique shots do show welts on both bottoms. The girls are sent to the kitchen to scrub the floor.

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