A Lesson for Tiffany – NUWEST

19 Jun

F/f; time: 26 minutes

More early NU-WEST, with attendant production deficiencies, but producer Ed Lee is such an aficionado of the female bottom, and with his  varied fantasies associated with corporal punishment, that he illustrates virtually every demonic thought you may have had. Keep in mind, here we have two naked girls, better than one.

The empty sound stage, a spreader bar hangs. ‘Kim,’ a NW staffer, tall, blond, in black bustier and boots, her breasts exposed, playing the Domme, marches in ‘Tiffany,’ a demure brunette, wrists handcuffed in front, wearing an innocent very civilian bathrobe. Sweet tension–you figure that the spreader bar is hanging there for it’s purpose and that the robe is coming off.

Kim removes the handcuffs, slowly fastens leather cuffs, then–now is the time–unties the sash and ceremonially removes the robe. Tiffany is stark naked of course, a nifty trim figure on high heels, and a furry bush to match her hair. Wrists to the spreader bar; Kim hoists the bar with an overhead pulley with dramatic elan, and Tiffany is stretched tighter, but not tortured.

Kim is in high dudgeon. “Your butt will be so sore.” Her threatening gestures and Tiffany’s apprehensive responses are hokey acting, but NW always gets to the brass tacks quickly. There are three punishment sequences, but not in the same order we watched as described on the website.

Kim starts with the martinet, 10 strokes, across Tiffany’s bottom, while she faces us, so we can’t tell how many connected. “Did you like that? Is that why you’ve come?” Apparently this is one of NW’s portrayals of regular walking-around citizens who have contacted NW to be spanked or whipped. Kim turns Tiffany so we can see her bottom and lays on 10 more strokes–there are some hits for sure.

Part 2 of Tiffany’s corporal punishment request will be a straight-ahead, over-the-knee spanking in NU-WEST’s sitting room set. Kim takes her OTK “for an old-fashioned spanking on your bare bottom.” She rolls up Tiffany’s white dress and pulls down white bikini panties with enough drama to increase the tension already established. She proceeds with a steady, hard, unrelenting spanking on Tiffany’s tidy china doll bottom. The spanking is filmed, with sequences surely repeated, from various angles–face, rear, overhead, closeup of the bottom, kicking feet, over-the-shoulder, and several obliques. Highly entertaining. No one surpassed NW for humiliating bare bottom OTK spankings. “I’m going to whip your ass all night long. Be in the bedroom waiting for me.”

Part 3 is in NW’s bedroom setting. Tiffany waits in a shortie nightgown–it would be a nice way to end the day. Kim enters in tight jeans, Tiffany rolls onto her stomach. Kim says: “I told you to be ready,” and rips off her white nylon panties, a hot moment. The strapping is moderate, but very sexy, as Tiffany surges her bottom from side to side.

Kim slowly undresses, presenting all sides for our perusal. Tawny bush, pert natural breasts, and of course the NW bottom. She climbs into bed nude with Tiffany, pulls up the covers, and fade to black.

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