Prisoner Misconduct – MOONGLOW

20 Jun

2MF/2f; year: 1995; time: 48 minutes

Another stark, one-room setting in the era when producers cranked out a lot of product for distributors like CalStar and Moonglow. The plots are all predictable. You look for the special moments or the creative deviations, and learn to expect more from some actors than others. A sign on the cell block wall reads “Workroom B.” A blond female prisoner, in institutional pale blue shirt and dark blue skirt,  dilly-dallies, smoking and shirking. A black female guard catches her. The girls stumble over their dialogue. “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time,”  the guard says.

Smoking and high heels are prohibited. The blonde is taken OTK, skirt up, white knickers down, a pale bottom with bikini tan lines help date the performance. As the spanking progresses, in a rough cut, someone read our mind and pulled her pants down a bit further. The guard fondles between her legs as she spanks and actually licks the kicking high heeled shoes. The CP takes on a new life.

Blondie gets into the lesbian fun. She sits on the table where she was just spanked, teases down her pants, spreads her knees, and begins to remove the willing guard’s clothes. Some heavy breathing and bare skin, but a male guard,a ponytailed Calstar and Moonglow regular, and the ‘Governor,’ catch them, The girls blame each other. The men will deal with both of them, and now.

The guard goes OTK first, angry to be humiliated in front of the prisoner. A long moderate handspanking. The actor Michael Dawes once commented during one of his vigorous handspankings that with such dark skin, you can’t tell if you are making any progress.

The governor steps away to get his “implements,” the other male guard takes over and bends the girl over for several paddles, a crop, and straps, including an awesome short cricket bat which can only be used in moderaion (unless the Russians or Czechs have one).

The blond prisoner is amused when the black guard has to strip for the cane, but is pounded on by the governor. Both girls are spanked in a melee. “Time for the cane.” As the governor canes the black guard, the blonde admits she was the cause of the seduction.

So we commence a serious punishment session for the attractive prisoner.  She is handspanked, paddled, and strapped. “Fucking bastards!” She exclaims at one point. Her pale un-sunburned bottom takes on a different rouge from the outer tanned buttocks. “Fucking get it over with, will you?”

She strips naked and is truly sensational–the best part of the film, her bountiful charms were disguised in the loose clothing. Both male supervisors share the cricket bat. Excellent frontals;  real tears. The governor starts the caning, 18 strokes, with a fondling which includes his middle finger between her legs. She is dramatic in the bend-over posture. boobs hanging.

After this caning, she murmurs that she hasn’t learned a lesson and, quite naked, begins to grope the men. “What the hell,” they seem to say, find a thin mattress and begin undressing themselves. Scene fades.

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