CP Research Institute – CALSTAR

21 Jun

2M/2f; year: 1997; time: 55 minutes

The sign on the door says ‘Punishment Corporal Psychiatric Research Hospital,’ where a ‘doctor,’ the “famous Dr. Ward,” presides over punishment spankings.

‘Sir Adrian’ has brought his recalcitrant wife ‘Anna’ to Dr. Ward. While Anna waits outside, the men discuss her behavior and Adrian’s ineffective spankings. Adrian sports a paronial red bears. Ward is a balding professor-type. Another ‘patient,’ ‘Tracy,’ (actress ‘Alison Payne’), stands against the wall, her skirt raised, bottom bare except for a thong, as if treatment had been interrupted by Adrian’s visit. Anna is called into the room and spots Tracy’s bare bottom. “Oh, my God, what is this?’ Didn’t she see the name on the door? This isn’t a chiropractor.

Adrian’s spankings haven’t been working. Let’s see why. She goes OTK, in a long black skirt and black top. She has a drab and shy expression, not too eager about all of this. Skirt up, black satin panties. Ward is observing closely. Adrian is too tender and considerate as a spanker. “Are you all right down there,” he asks his bent-over wife. When Adrian goes to pull her panties down, it seems they are fastened to her top leotard-style and have snaps in the crotch. There is an unplanned humorous moment while he gropes to unsnap them. “Don’t see these very often,’ observes Ward. The girl laughs at this unscripted moment, and it appears the spanking actor has no idea what he would find.

The doctor keeps observing as Adrian spanks, and suggests a “little more weight behind it.” Ward will show Adrian. She bends over a desk. “Put your elbows on the desk.” His handspanking isn’t much better. A spearmint-shaped paddle elicits bruises and whining, lovely closeup. Adrian tries a wide three-fingered tawse, but again he is a softy. Ward does it better with a wide strap. “Some people enjoy this, but my interest is purely professional.”

With another strap, Ward spanks Anna in the diaper position. She certainly didn’t expect to be put on display. They try Adrian’s razor strap, with Anna lying lengthwise on the desk, one leg out, one on the floor. Glamorous and unusual. That strap must have bitten because they don’t continue.

“Time we moved to the cane.” There is a sweet sequence where Ward shows how to strike the buttocks–avoid wrap-arounds, don’t let the tip dig in, one cheek, both cheeks, maximum sting, etc. Quite clinical; we took notes. They agree. The actress playing ‘Anna’ looks at the director repeatedly here for some reason, as if, ‘Are we really going to do this?’ “Eighteen” should do it. Adrian does 15 strokes (some repeats). There will be 9 more, to be counted aloud. “Understand?” “Yes, doctor.” She is short of breath and she counts. “What is your opinion, dear?” “I don’t think my opinion matters much, does it?” She gets up, rearranges her clothing, but the boys think just a bit more is called for. Two more cane stokes on her skirt and three more on her bare bottom. She stands with her pants down while they discuss her bottom like a fish as the market. The pattern of wheals is wild and irregular.

The next segment at the Institute is entitled ‘Last Session the Cane,’ and may have been the original title of the film. The patient is the aforementioned Tracy, whose blushing backside backdropped the previous section the video. She is a nurse, and her ‘Dr. Stevens’ has sent her for some work to be done. It is the second time in a week. She has chosen corporal punishment vs. firing. The actress ‘Alison Payne’ is a familiar Irish performer with a long list of films. Some here with CalStar, but mostly with MOONGLOW. Beside having one of those perfect spankable bottoms, she has mastered an insouciant acting style which engenders colorful and entertaining spanking sessions, maybe the most exciting we have seen. Beside being slovenly at work, Tracy was caught in a “compromising situation,” which was on her knees in the doctor’s surgery with her boyfriend.

Dr. Ward can fix this. It’s “dismissal or a visit to me, corporal punishment.” The cane. “The cane?” She is denied a warm-up, and knows it is going to hurt more without a warm-up. Moving along, bent over, skirt up, 8 lovely snapping strokes on classy white lace knickers. On the bare, another half-dozen. This young lady puts out an orgasmic, itching wiggle, and has an incomparable bottom. “Take these down now.” Hands on the wall, feet apart, in the ‘frisk’ position, straddling a small table to accentuate her pose and thrust her world-class bottom even further out, for 20 wonderful singing stinging strokes. “A little rub, if you like,” at 7 strokes; another a 14. “We’ll finish with six really firm ones.” “Really firm?” Yes, and fast. Breathtaking for her and for us–we had to walk around a while.

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