The Day They Saw Fit to Spank – CALSTAR

21 Jun

F/f; M/f; time: 54 minutes

‘June’ sleeps in a Paris hotel room, the ‘Jarvis International Hotel.’ A maid knocks and enters, wearing the classic naughty outfit. The maid tries to pack her up, in order to get her out of the room. June grabs her OTK. We will learn that June is a spanko and has come to Paris to get in some spankings. The maid is an unscheduled opportunity. After a brief spanking, the maid is sent off, with instructions to return at 4 PM, and June returns to bed.

Fade to a scene in London. This film runs two parallel stories. A film producer is on the phone. He knows his wife June goes to Paris because “She’s got some lady she spanks.”

Back to Paris, June is laying out quite a collection of spanking implements and calls for the maid to return.

Back to London, the producer interviews a ‘Miss Gerner,’ from a Scottish gossip newspaper. Gerner has come to seek some gossip on the CP film industry. The actress is an innocent-looking brunette, so shy and reserved she can hardly get though her lines. She seems to have been sweating; her haired is matted around the edges, and her cheeks are rosy.

When Gerner asks about the CP film industry, the producer suggests she might experience it for herself. She is about June’s size, so she puts on some naughty black things, a G-string and a laced top.

Back to Paris, June undresses in the hotel room, a nudie scene. When the maid arrives, she is grabbed again. The actress cannot stop smiling. Panties off, she is spanked with an oval paddle, a tawse, and straps. Down to bra only, June has a cane. “You haven’t seen one of these, but you’ve read about it.” 12 strokes. Short, snappy, and hard. She stands and begins to cry at 8. She is allowed to dress and leave about the 12.

London: Gerner in her goofy black outfit, almost naked. The producer takes her OTK. The scene is the famous CalStar white sectional couch. A lot of soft spoken dialogue during the spanking and fondling. The leather paddle next–Gerner is also amused by the situation. She kneels on the couch, and it certainly appears the producer gives her a good frig.

More spanking, he gradually helps her off with her outfit. She needs to be coached into how to bend for the cane. About 12 strokes, her meek pleas in keeping with her acting. She wipes tears, he asks her to open her legs, and he is proud of his results. She faces us, bends over for him, and gives us a sweet shaved front. The producer is happy to tell her she’ll find herself horny the next few days when she sits down.

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