Bent Over at Sleep Over – CALSTAR

22 Jun

MF/2f; time: 53 minutes

Two girls play cards with French porno cards; blond actress ‘Emma Brown,’ and her brunette girlfriend ‘Brandi’ are caught by the parents, someone’s parents, actress ‘Dublin O’Brien’ and the male adult/CP actor ‘Jack Uppitt.’ Emma found and lifted the cards from her mother’s bedroom.

“She has to be dealt with.” We’re in the oft-used CalStar set with the gold curtains. Uppitt takes Emma OTK on a white hassock. He pulls her skirt up, claiming he hasn’t spanked his daughter before. Dublin seems compelled to explain: “On her bottom, please.” Uppitt has been smacking her thighs. “Pull her panties down.” “Are you sure?” A line hard for Uppitt to make sound convincing.

Dublin takes over the spanking–her hot Irish temper flaring up. Brandi agrees to take the same spanking here and now rather than her parents being called. Uppitt gets her OTK, skirt up, red panties. “Please, not on my bare bottom.” Uppitt awaits clearance from his wife before pulling her panties down. Dublin spanks both girls in a few position changes, with paddles and straps, as we work our way to the main event.

Brandi will be the first to be caned. About 20 strokes, hard enough to produce marks, Dublin holds her. By this point Uppitt can rub her without authority.

Emma gets the longest caning, 30 strokes shown, repeats, rubs, fondling. Our copy of the film cuts here, probably the end. It would be impossible for Dublin to cane her more.

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