Doctors Remedy – MOONGLOW

22 Jun

F/f; time: 52 minutes

‘Prucilla,’ a maid, is caught making her madame ‘Lady Randy’s’ bed, late and not yet in uniform. “You’ve had a man in here, in my bedroom.” It was the gardener. She’d rather be spanked than fired, so they get right to it. Madame sits on the edge of the bed and spanks her on her shorts. She looks good under the shorts, for future reference.

Shorts off, turquoise panties. The doorbell rings at this point, so the spanking is interrupted. The man, the late actor ‘John Kirwood,’ introduces himself. “I am Dr.Dubert from the hospital.” He was sent by her husband, to look in on Lady Randy. He gets right to the point. As he has driven by the past, he has seen a lot of gentleman callers, which Lady does not deny. The doctor searches the house, sees the partially disciplined Prucilla, hears the story of the gardener. He wants to see her bottom, is not impressed, so he will complete this matter. Of course, we knew, he has implements in the car. We will spank both women on this short visit for their “hanky-panky.”

Dubert sets up Prucilla to spank Lady Randy. OTK, a little silly. Now Dubert spanks madame in front of Prucilla, a little embarrassing for her. He uses a strap, the embossed paddle, and a tawse. After this, it is the Lady’s turn to spank Prucilla. Satin panties down, same implements. These spankings are harmless and comical in historical perspective.

Dubert will now cane both women. “I hope the doctor-cure works.” Almost 30 strokes shown for Lady Randy, repeats. Prucilla’ caning is much longer–with repeats, about 40 strokes are shown, including “six more extra hard.”

“I hope this is the remedy for your transgressions.” The girls console each other on the couch. flash some frontal, and get out the skin lotion.

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