Mom’s New Paddle – NUWEST DLX-004

25 Jun

M/f; time: 20 minutes

More of the ‘John’ and ‘Heather’ series, the depiction of a marriage of an 18 year old male to a 36 year old female.

In a kitchen scene, John has failed to finish the dishes. Heather comes home and is furious. “I knew you’d give me a reason to use my new paddle.” She takes him OTK on a kitchen chair, takes down his leisure pants, and goes to work with the new paddle, a small, thick, hard wood variety, painful just to look at. “No mommy, please.”

After a vigorous spanking, the scene shifts to another room, where the same spanking will continue. “Not again, please.” “Take your pants down.” Another long bare bottom paddling.

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