Now the Cane – CALSTAR

25 Jun

F/f; time: 20 minutes

Guardian spanking! A very sexy young lady is out at 2 AM. When she comes home, a woman guardian (these guardians have all attended spanking courses) confronts her and the pre-spanking tussle begins. “You’re not my mother.” The guardian gets her pants down and her OTK. After a few very British impressive slaps to the bare thighs, the girl admits she’s been with a boy. “Go and get the strap.” “But I don’t want the strap. I don’t like it. It hurts.” Back over the couch for the tawse on white pants, and hard; our girl can’t stay in position. A tiny fleck of blood soaks through her pants. Off to bed.

In another scene the young lady is talking to her stuffed Snoopy, doing a nice job of playing up spankable innocence. Her guardian is annoyed. She is made to strip, all but a blouse. “I’m going to give you six hard strokes of the cane.” This little lady is saucy: “You’re going to enjoy that, aren’t you?” She’s of course correct.

Six hard strokes–marks show up right away. Back OTK for more handspanking. “You’ll be too sore to go out anywhere by the time I am finished with you.” When the girl mutters: “Bitch.” It brings out the cane again. Another six strokes with lots of rubbing and spreading. The camera gets right in. Simple plot, good rudimentary workout for one more British tush.

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