Kelli-Raye’s Hairbrush Spanking – NUWEST DFFS-003

26 Jun

2F/f; time: 10 minutes

A brief hairbrush spanking with one of NuWest’s favorite models. Blonde Kelli-Raye over ‘Julia Jameson’s’ lap. Modern lighting and camerawork from NuWest. First thing, Julia pries Kelli-Raye’s cheeks apart to see if she is clean. “Some girls are not clean here.”

Julia spanks hard with the hairbrush, scolding as she goes. Kelli-Raye collapses on the floor at the conclusion of this segment. Even a short session with the hairbrush is memorable.

In the second segment, Vanna charges into ‘Kelli-Rae’s ‘bedroom’ and gives her a session on her cutoff short, then shorts down for more on tiny white panties.

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