Discipline in Russia #4 -Corporal Punishment of Street Girls – NETTLES

26 Jun

M/f; time: 40 minutes

A compilation of other film excerpts, it would seem, except you never know with the Russians.

‘Hands of Inquisition’: handcuffed blonde interrogated at a throne by a hooded character. The male pulls off her clothes, gropes and inspects her. In scene jumps, she is placed on a rack-like table, teased with an awl, then caned, hands and feet shackled.

‘Interrogation in KGB’: A blonde sits in front of a uniformed officer. After an interminable interview, he slaps her, and she undresses. Scene cut–she is tied with complicated ropes into the diaper position–the rope actually inhibiting access to her buttocks but surely pleasing the bondage fans.

‘Continuation from V-3’ (must be from Russian Discipline #3) a naked girl is whipped on the same ‘throne’ used in ‘Inquisition.’ She is tied in one bizarre position worth describing–in the kneeling position facing the back of the chair, her ankles, thighs, and waist are strapped to the chair, and her arms are tied to boards spread at 90 degrees. She is whipped, spanked, and given the bastinado in this predicament.

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