Secretary – MOONGLOW

26 Jun

MF/2f; time: 45 minutes

Moonglow characters. A ponytailed Irish actor who has appeared in many films, especially as a police officer or prison guard, and his girlfriend dark big-haired brunette ‘Kara’ awake in bed. She must hurry to work but he encourages her back into bed for another go.

At the office, ‘Mrs. Doss’ agitates waiting for Kara, and must go through her papers and desk to find some urgent business. Kara bustles in, all apologies. She pleads: “Don’t fire me…I’ll do anything.” “Anything?”

“You need a damn good spanking…over my knee.” OTK, skirt up, black panties and garter belt. A slow moderate handspanking, and just the suggestion that Doss is enjoying this. Panties down–Doss admires her work. Doss has Kara stand on tip-toes, legs spread, arms stretched, against the wall while she goes to get her implements.

Doss starts with a large tawse, Kara bent over a table. Over a chair for the cane, we see six strokes.

Cut to the guy waking up and discovering Kara has left behind her briefcase, the documents Doss needed.

Back to the office caning. Kara counts out 12 strokes. The guy bursts in. “What the hell is going on?” He demands Kara display her bottom. “Did you do that?” He sis going to give Doss “the same marks.” Doss is and will remain quite submissive as the initiative is seized from her.

He takes Doss OTK and positions Kara so she has a good view. Doss’ white panties come off for good. OTK, then bent over a chair, then standing on the chair, so that her bottom is eye-level. Kara joins with a hairbrush. The guy keeps comparing the two bottoms in his pursuit of parity. More OTK spanking, and now the riding crop from both of them.

Doss now kneels on the chair for the cane–she counts eighteen aloud, the hardest caning yet. Bottom check. Doss now looks like Kara.

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