A Painful Pricing Policy – CALSTAR

30 Jun

F/2f; time: 41 minutes

Supermarket girls get spanked. Manager ‘Jezabel Armshank’ is on the phone ordering when actor ‘Michael Dawes’ comes in, furious about “those two girls downstairs,” who are making too many mistakes. Armshank chases him back to work and laughs at her own lines.

The girls are called in, cute brunettes ‘Sarah’ and ‘Felicia.’ They wear little artists’ smocks. Everyone tries to keep a straight face through the dialogue. “I’m going to have to punish you.” “What sort?” “A good old-fashioned thrashing…a beating across your bums.” “You can’t do that.” More giggling. The girls are told to report to the training room in 10 minutes.

Cut to the training room. Armshank enters with her cane. Tall Felicia will be spanked first. Still laughing, her dress is turned up, panties bunched. a slow and inaccurate handspanking.

Sarah squeals through her spanking. “This is nothing as to what is coming,” announces Armshank, and we for one are glad. Armshank doesn’t like the pants Sarah is wearing. Men can look up her skirt. Armshank gets her squirming.

Felicia’s turn again, and as part of the bad acting here, she seems almost eager, and takes her knickers down before being told to. “I think you enjoy this, miss.”

Both girls bend over a conference table side-by-side. She handspanks and straps both bottoms, “your nice little asses.” She is sounding more and more turned on and the girls still giggle. “You’re getting nice and hot.”

The big paddle next. “You wiggle when I tell you to wiggle.” The girls must stand at the blackboard, studying the company P&L, skirts up, while Armshank smacks them with a paddle.

Sarah will be caned first and she must kiss it. “That’s going across your ass!” 5 strokes, then “touch your toes” for 15 more. We can see the bruises from a previous spanking. “Get your clothes off…get naked!” Felicia laughs from the blackboard, where she too is now naked. Sarah strips while Felicia is paddled and she must lick Felicia’s bottom.

Paddling and strapping. Felicia has avoided the cane in this film. Back to the store for them. You don’t sit down anyway when you work in a supermarket.

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