Christmas Thrashings – MOONGLOW

30 Jun

2M/2f; time: 47 minutes

A Christmas greeting from MOONGLOW; actresses ‘Dominique Wright’ and ‘Susan Hope’ play school chums who decide, for no comprehensible reason, to dig out their school uniforms and go to the local ‘Testbury’s’ department store and tease the Santa Claus, a/k/a ‘Father Christmas.’

Santa is played by MOONGLOW’s the late ‘John Kirwood,’ wearing one of his costumes which completely disguises him. The girls sit on his knees and tease. When he asks what they want for Christmas: “You’re too old to give me what I want.” The girls look in his toy sack, Santa manages to bag them into it, and, as part of the fantasy, we are transported with some crude screen graphics, including ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ in the soundtrack, to what amounts to the North Pole.

‘Father Atimus’ seems to be in charge and opens the bag. The girls: “We’ve been bloody kidnapped.” This must be part of his job, because this sub-Santa is going to spank both girls. He takes each girl OTK for mild but humorous spankings on their white knickers. Here, as we often see in CP films, one of the girls has not removed the labels from the new panties.

Father Christmas arrives at this punishment clinic and calls for the two girls to be sent to him. Now HE will spank them, and notes there has already been some work done. “What happened to you?” He spanks both girls, then both are caned in long sequences.

The actress Susan Hope is caned first, and she bends all the way over the back of an easy chair, so that her bare bottom is waist-high, perfect for the technician Kirwood to do his work. About 25 moderate strokes are shown, some in slow-motion with interrupted sound. Father C announces “Six more,” and they are in fact much harder.

Dominique Wright is next. “Get over. Take your medicine.” Dominique: “I prefer to take my medicine in capsule form.” Lines like this pop up occasionally, especially at MOONGLOW. We imagine the floors of Moonglow were littered with out-takes where the cast dissolved in laughter. She gets about 20, slo-mo, and the six zingers.

The girls are transported back home thought the same graphic warp. “We shouldn’t have these fantasies any more.” But Father Christmas shows up at their door. Maybe he isn’t too old.

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