Clean Sweep – CAVERN

30 Jun

M/f; time: 36 minutes

Spankings at the hairdresser. ‘Mr. Jones,’ a beauty salon operator jumps one of his girls, a lazy hairdresser who won’t tidy up or get her work done. She spanks her mildly in various positions but cannot make an impression.

The phone rings at a CP Administration Agency; ‘Joe Stewart’ answers. We’ve seen him in this role before. He is for hire. He will come by your house or place of employment and punish the person you have chosen; it is a bare-bottom spanking. He answers the calls himself–no answering machine. Jones has called him and arranged for him to come by at 5 PM.

The girl is sweeping up when Joe comes by at 5 PM. “I’m from the agency,” he says. The girl is curious about what is in the tubes Joe carries, but you detect she knows what the ‘agency’ is.

He starts her OTK immediately, to no resistance. “You’ve got the wiggles,” he notes. She stands, drops her trousers, and he continues the OTK spanking, bunching her panties.

Joe has brought a schoolgirl uniform and gives it to her to put on. She takes a long time, returning in a gray pinafore, blouse, tie, and we will see, regulation knickers. OTK again. Diaper position on the couch, soft paddle/strap. Giggles. She kneels on the couch for a studded strap, knickers down.

Pinafore/jumper off, more paddle. A wooden spoon shows the telltale round bruises. He pulls her panties down for the cane. Three on the panties, then about 6 more on the bare. Hands-on-head for the strap–then back to the cane for 5 more on the bare.

The beauty operator kneels on the couch for more paddle, then stands on the couch so that her bottom is eye-level, for more paddle and a six-finale with the cane.

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