Cross Country – REDSTRIPE

30 Jun

M/2f; year: 1999; time: 39 minutes

Two blond Sixth Formers jog in the countryside in their gymslips; they stop for a cigarette and loll in rather unladylike attitudes in what they think is privacy. ‘Mr. Johnson’ catches them–they are supposed to be running cross-country. They are sent back to the school, to report to his study.

The scene is the familiar REDSTRIPE classroom, blond ‘Julia’ (actress ‘Sam Johnson’) and pony-tail ‘Maria’ are ready for Johnson. They will do some PT–run in place, arms out; touch-toes. He smacks their bottoms when he can reach them, and the camera concentrates on the hindquarters. He takes Julia OTK first, panties down; Maria the same. Both girls go over the desk for paddle and strap.

Cane time. Julia is first. Twelve on the bare for Julia over the desk. Tears? To Maria: “I hold you responsible,” and reminds her he used to spank her mother over this very desk. Maria’s turn: “Eighteen strokes; push that bum out.” We saw almost 25 strokes, very hard for REDSTRIPE. He observes Maria’s torment. “Like your mother, a great actress.” The extra strokes are for rubbing. After being allowed to rub, three more. Very hard. We wondered how the actress could accomplish this.

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