The Bottomists – CALSTAR

30 Jun

F/2f; time: 50 minutes

A scruffy girls’ reformatory; two inmates loll around in a garden, unwilling to do the weeding and raking ordered by a female uniformed guard who hovers over them. Nobody very convincing in their roles, and CalStar in this era could not properly record sound outdoors. The guard, who looks worthy of some time over the warden’s desk herself, decides spankings are the only solution.

The first girl, a curly haired blonde, is bent over a doghouse which happens to be in the yard, her one-piece uniform peeled down by the guard, then her panties follow, for a mostly silly handspanking in this improbable pose, although she makes a nice picture naked over the doghouse. The second girl, a hefty brunette in pigtails, follows, her black silk pants soon down, to display a solid large bottom which could take an afternoon to make an impression on.

The guard checks with her boss, who is angry. Looks like this was filmed in somebody’s kitchen and backyard. “Get out there and give them a good caning.” In the meantime, the girls sneak a cigarette and are caught. They strip down again, jumpsuits at their ankles and go over the doghouse side-by-side. The guard produces a strap. The strapping is moderate, there are repeats, but some bruising develops, and the bottoms begin to twitch. The girls must kick off their clothes. The brunette is powerful buxom package.

An enticing scene, the best in the video–the girls are put to work totally naked in a glassed-in greenhouse, where of course they dally. The female guard returns and decides the cane is next. The two girls are brought out, all pink in the sunlight. The brunette is caned first, a fast moderate 5 strokes, and repeated from front to rear. The curly blonde gets the same. All and all, a weaker CalStar, but the naked bodies bouncing around in the fresh air was fun and no aircraft flew by.

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